• With Summer, Revise Your Container Plantings

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    Employing the Art of Design and the Science of Horticulture , I strive to create gardens for my clients of lasting integrity and beauty. I believe that the role of the designer is to create and bring forward the beauty that inspires us.
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    By Elaine Johnson

    With the advent of summer weather, our color sense shifts from the pastels of spring and early summer to the vibrant hues of high summer.

    container 4There is no better way to pump up your palette than by adding or revising your container plantings. This represents a minor investment of time and money and besides some of your early combinations may be looking a little haggard after all the rain and humidity of late June.

    Might I suggest looking first to foliage combinations and the selection of some of the magnificent tropicals that are now available at many garden centers. The drama of Cannas, Alocasia, Papyrus, Mandevilla and Hibiscus, to name just a few, can significantly change the look of a container planting.

    Start with the color and shape of your container ( big is better ) then follow the “thriller, filler, spiller” formula. Many resources are available to guide you and I have included some of my favorites below.

    This is a time to think out of the box and forego the old standbys. Rethink your dracaena/geranium/vinca preference and dare to add whimsy and drama with some fun new combinations.

    Remember to carefully check cultural requirements for your new plants, buy the best potting soil and remember to regularly fertilize with a water soluble product. I also add a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote when planting. To keep your containers always looking their best deadheading is a good practice and never let your containers dry out. They never will respond to their former glory.

    container 1Some practical design suggestions; group your containers for impact varying heights, sizes and coordinating color combinations, carry the color themes from your home to create vignettes from important window views, pick up the color of your front door or house trim and use that hue for containers clustered at the entry portals to your home, create a focal point in a garden with a container/objet combo, “underplant” an architectural piece, add upright “tutuers” or trellises to support climbers

    Shop yard sales and antique shops for those discarded watering cans, wheelbarrows and baskets, as they can be converted to receptacles for charming displays. My best advice is to have fun and enjoy your creations.

    July 14, 2014