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    Harvest Gallery
    Combining his love for fine art, wine, food and entertainment, owner/artist Michael Pearson has created an unique artistic and cultural atmosphere at Harvest Gallery Wine Bar. Located in the center of Dennis Village along scenic Route 6A, next to the Cape Cod Center for the Arts, Harvest features Cape Cod Contemporary Art while offering a locavore-minded, gourmet bar-style menu.
    Harvest Gallery

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    By Michael Pearson

    Home-grown wine-tasting and pairing parties are growing in popularity, spurred by retailers  and wine bars like Harvest Gallery that are motivated to educate their customers and guide their  purchases. The Internet also has created unprecedented access to wines across the globe.

    In personally navigating the wine world through research, tasting, purchasing and –
    ultimately – sharing has taught me valuable lessons in selecting and drinking many varietals.

    Find a good wine merchant: It is critical to seek out the shops that have a passion for
    wine. You may pay a little more, but the advice will be worth it. The best  shops pride themselves on selecting wines with surprising value; and  they are ready to let you taste them on the premises.

    Temperature and breathing: It’s about patience. Letting the wine  breathe 20 minutes can make a huge difference. Temperature is tied to  patience. Try to allow for your whites to warm up a bit because the cold  masks its favors. Twenty minutes here works well.

    Reds should not be served too warm. That can cause the alcohol  to come through too much. If your red feels warm, place it in the  refrigerator for a while.

    Atmosphere: Studies show that the way we feel mentally will  physically affect our taste. The best wine experiences focus on good  company and special events, not necessarily around the specific wine.

    Wine and food pairing: All wines change when served with food.  In bad pairings, the food rarely suffers as much as the wine. When  featuring a special wine with a meal, I tend to choose simple preparations  that won’t compete with the wine.

    With the proper presentation and suitable atmosphere, you and myriad flavors and connotations.

    Michael Pearson is owner of the Harvest Gallery and Wine Bar in Dennis Village.
    You can reach him at Michael@harvestgallerywinebar.com.

    May 01, 2014