• Which styles capture your imagination?

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    Irina MacPhee
    As an award winning interior designer, Irina MacPhee knows that the key to good design is held by the client. For Irina, designing spaces is all about the possibility of living life well; improving the quality of life.
    Irina MacPhee

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    Irina MacPhee, owner of Pastiche of Cape Codasks: Which styles capture your imagination?


    New England Country

    This design style has a universal appeal, and was inspired by designs such as French Country and English Floral designs. New England Country eschews the formal so guests are never afraid to drink a cup of tea, kick off their shoes and put their feet up. Picture a handmade patchwork quilt, a Shaker dresser and a Folk Art painting with a comfortable chair.


    If you enjoy soft, natural color schemes – and relaxing after a long day – you may seek to pursue a cottage design. Graceful, painted furniture mixed with natural wood, hand-woven baskets and natural-fiber rugs characterize the Cottage Design style.


    If you enjoy all things modern, then contemporary style is for you. This design style combines subtle sophistication with modern textures and clean lines. Contemporary is appropriate for decorating your home, but also works well in offices, stores, and lofts.


    It’s all about comforting and classic interiors. It can be both casual and formal. The design scheme is structured to be calm, orderly and predictable. Traditionalists have an affinity for the casual, and their design preferences reflect a restful and organized atmosphere.


    This takes a lot of nothing and transforms it into something spectacular. The dictionary definition of Bohemian reads, “An artist or writer, or anyone who sets social conventions aside.” There is no such thing as less is more in Bohemian design, and it is emphasized with textiles, beads, and soft or bold colors. Anything goes.

    Urban Chic

    It’s all about utilizing space effectively. Creative methods of storage are used to maximize living areas. Nothing ever is out of order in this design. Clean colors and defined geometric shapes characterize this linear style. If you dislike a low tech, high maintenance lifestyle, then Urban Chic is here to save you.

    Country French

    From the scenic villages of Southern France, French Country is one of the most popular interior design styles in the world. It is a casual look that is both charming and inviting. This style is characterized by cheerful colors, curved lines and rustic painted or unpainted furniture. If you seek a fuss-free environment, then you seek the Country French design.


    Anything goes here. An Eclectic Design incorporates several design styles together to create a cohesive whole that works brilliantly together. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t always play by the rules, then let it show in an eclectically influenced design.


    This draws heavily from traditional Japanese design and builds on characteristics found in Zen philosophy. Cool lighting and all-white influences drive the Modern Minimalist design style. This design works to accent the architecture of the interior and conveys simplistic ideals and attitudes towards life.

    May 17, 2014