• WeatherRail Louvers Can Extend Outdoor Living to Late Autumn

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    Shade and Shutter Systems

    WeatherRail All-Weather Louvered Railing is a brand new product application expanding on our louvered plantation shutter series. WeatherRail is a fully-adjustable louvered deck and porch railing system that will provide you with increased privacy, and extra control over the elements and the use of your property.

    WeatherRail All-Weather Louvered Railing Systems can be used as weather protection and wind screens for porches, patios, decks, pergolas & gazebos, and are also a perfect solution for louvered privacy fencing, childproof areas, and pool enclosures, and that’s just the start!

    During the summer, WeatherRail can be used as patio and deck louvered privacy fencing. Fully adjustable louver blades allow you to control the amount of sunlight and wind coming through the railings, and can be locked in any position. You can turn your outdoor space into an on-demand hideaway for sunbathing and relaxation.

    As the season progresses, using WeatherRail on your pergola or gazebo enables you to extend your outdoor lifestyle later into the season by reducing chilly autumn breezes and driving rain.

    When it comes time to winterize your home, louvered deck and porch railings can limit the effects of cold wind, snow accumulation and winter glare, and will help keep critters and other unwanted guests off your patio when you’re not around.

    Waterfront properties will find added benefit in the reduction of solar glare off the bay and limit the amount of ocean spray that may otherwise distract you from fully enjoying your haven without losing your beautiful view.

    To learn more about and watch a video, please click here.

    April 05, 2014