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    No Cost to Employer + Value For Employee = Voluntary Benefits

    Voluntary Benefits are offerings that are paid for by the employee through simple payroll deductions.

    Employees are able to take advantage of limited underwriting requirements and gain access to offerings traditionally reserved for the workplace. At no cost to the employer, these benefits are a great way to enhance an employer’s benefits package.

    Concerns about uncertainty in the economy and federal legislation of healthcare are having a direct, negative impact to employee morale and thus employee productivity can suffer. The MET Life study showed two-thirds of employees are concerned about having access to affordable health insurance as well as having enough money to cover increasing out-of-pocket medical costs.

    Companies that have a benefits education strategy coupled with a voluntary benefits offering, are highlighting the company’s investment to their employees. At the same time, they are protecting their business by securing their employees financial security, resulting in a more loyal and productive workforce.

    Talented employees are at a premium and once on board, employers want to make sure they stay there.

    With the right mix of benefit choice, value and communication, employers will be well on their way to a talented and productive workforce.

    If you have questions or would like to learn more about ways your company can expand the offerings to your employees without incurring additional cost, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    For questions and requests, please contact Cameron Robinson Voluntary Benefits, Rogers & Gray Insurance, 508.258.2216



    May 14, 2014