• Tim Calise Brings the First Digital Gym to Cape Cod

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    Tim Calise KoKo Fit Club
    Koko Fit Club
    At Koko, you don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer to get expert guidance. Our Smartrainer is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It acts as a virtual personal trainer: directing you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically.


    An interview with Tim Calise of Koko FitClub

    What makes KoKo FitClub different from other gyms on the Cape?

    Tim: We are a digital gym. For the first time, exercise , nutrition and technology come together to provide you a whole new way to get and stay fit, customized precisely to your body and your goals. It’s fast, motivating, and so effective, it’s patented.

    Your individualized entire program is filed stored on your own Koko Key so you have your own personal trainer available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All you do is come in and connect plug in your key to the equipment and you are guided through your workout, while all results are recorded and accessible at your own web page.

    We call it “Smartraining™ and it’s technology that analyzes your body, then designs a complete, custom exercise program and personal nutrition plan that fuels your body for best results. Each time you come to Koko FitClub, we show you what exercises to do, how to do them, and how well you did. All in 30 minutes or less. A  Certified FitCoach is available to support and motivate you along the way.

    We support you from the inside out, both philosophically and physically. We support our members’ improvements in lasting quality of life changes by focusing on lean muscle, which is the body’s fountain of youth.

    I’ve tried other gyms and health clubs, and it’s always hard to keep it up. I don’t have time consistently to work out; It frankly becomes boring.

    Why will this be different?

    Tim: In fact, 67 percent of health club memberships go unused. In contrast, 67 percent of our members have worked out in the past month – a testament to both how effective our Smartraining approach is but also how much our members enjoy coming.

    We are very sensitive to people’s time. In fact, we work to take the stress out of your workouts. That’s why our program and technology translate the benefits of a 90-minute workout into 30 minutes or less. We also give you your own Koko Key and 24-hour access to all our Cape locations.  And, yes, one membership lets you use all our facilities and equipment.

    You also receive informative monthly statement emails to keep you motivated and a private Web page that tracks your progress and delivers you r nutrition plans.

    How do you give me a custom program without a personal trainer?

    Tim: Your program has been designed by world class trainers, and through our Web-patented technology, you actually will be working with them virtually. That technology makes sure you always do the right exercise the right way for optimum results in minimal time.

    You receive your digital Koko Key so every time you “plug” into your equipment, you communicate with our global team of trainers, physiologists and nutritionists. In addition, each of our five Koko FitClubs across the Cape are staffed by a team of Certified FitCoaches and assistants to work with you.

    How does it all  work?

    Tim: There are three phases of your program: strength, cardio and nutrition. It all starts with our Koko FitCheck system that privately and precisely measures your lean muscle level each time you come in. Using your FitCheck results and your goals, we create a custom Koko prescription for strength and cardio and a nutrition plan to fuel you for the fastest results.

    How do I know it will work?

    Tim: Because your entire program is digitized, every workout is measured and optimized for results. You don’t need to write them anything down; all your workouts are automatically recorded. Here are some quantifiable results:

    • Average Member Strength Gains

    8 weeks: 18%

    16 weeks: 27%

    32 weeks: 32%

    • 36 percent reported improved a1C/blood sugar levels

    • 43 percent reported reductions in cholesterol

    • 38 percent reported reductions in blood pressure

    • 78 percent reported improvements in mood since Koko

    • 81 percent reported reduced stress levels post Koko workout

    • 77 percent reported other health improvements

    One of the big problems I have is that I am not always conveniently near my health club, or I can’t work out at convenient hours.

    How do you address these challenges?

    Tim: Koko’s schedule is your schedule, even if the most convenient time is 11pm or 3am. With 30 minute sessions you can be in and out on a lunch break or even on your way between meetings. When you join one Koko FitClub, you join them all.

    So nutrition is part of the plan?

    Tim: Absoutely. We design your nutrition plan to fuel your Smartraining results. It’s based on your goals. These are complete meal plans customized to you, including shopping lists to make it easy for our members and their families.

    That addresses the time issue, but I have to be honest. It’s hard to stay motivated.

    Tim: For one, you never do the same workout twice. Your cardio sessions involve highly efficient interval training designed to burn twice the calories than traditional workouts. We recommend just 15 minutes for satisfying results. We also provide you with expert audio coaching at every session.

    We also have our own proprietary analytics, reporting, and communications platform to enable you to own your success.  Our Certified FitCoaches are here to keep you on track – whether that be with a scheduled check-in session to review form tips and questions or a phone call when you haven’t been in the club in a while.

    One of my big frustrations is that I can’t always be near my health club because of work or other obligations, or I can’t work out at convenient hours. How do you address these challenges?

    Tim: You can work out at any of our Koko FitClubs across the Cape or, for that matter, anywhere in the country when you are on a business trip. On the Cape, we have clubs in Mashpee, South Dennis, Centerville, Harwich and Orleans. And they always are open 24-hours a day, accessible with your Koko key.

    How much does this all cost?

    Tim: As low as $69 per month with family and corporate memberships available, no hidden or per visit fees. That’s 90 percent less than the cost of a personal trainer and even less than a cup of coffee per day. Many of our members would share that the cost is not the issue. It’s the value of what you are getting.

    Tim can be reached at tim@calisefe.com

    March 16, 2014