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    Idlewild is a majestic 8,000-square-foot waterfront estate in Cotuit, boasting 7.6 park-like acres overlooking Popponnesset Bay, with a separate carriage house, Infinity Edge pool and 800-bottle wine room. It also is a state-of-the-art smart home.

    Custom electronic systems, placed discreetly throughout the home, include distributed audio, lighting controls, security surveillance, pool settings, garage doors, the property’s main entry gate and a home entertainment system that incorporates 15 flat-panel screens.

    All this is operated by one central, easy-to-use- control system designed by Savant, with national headquarters in Hyannis.

    Two wall-mounted iPads function as controllers for the Savant system. Homeowners can also use iPhones, iPads, iPod touches or any Internet-enabled Apple device to control the system from within the home or remotely. Control systems from Savant feature an Apple-based platform, which makes the systems very reliable and easy to configure and change. Savant’s first-to-market native iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch applications are intuitive and easy for homeowners to use, and the Apple devices are much more cost-effective than traditional home control system components.

    The remote capability is another great feature. Lights and HVAC can be adjusted from anywhere, allowing homeowners to adjust the heat or air conditioning when they’re not home, turn on outdoor lights from the car at night, or turn off anything that was accidentally left on from the road.

    The ability to monitor and adjust lighting and temperature can also help with energy savings, security and guarding against hassles like frozen pipes. The gate and garage doors can be controlled from the car (or anywhere), and homeowners can watch real-time surveillance video when they’re away from the home.

    A distributed audio system pipes music throughout the home from unobtrusive speakers. There are audio zones both inside the home and outside by the pool. With a distributed audio system, homeowners can listen to music from AM/FM radio, satellite radio, iPods, iTunes, CD players, turntables and more.

    Flat-screen televisions are installed throughout the home, with one in the media room that has a surround sound system. Many of these flat-screen displays are operated by the Savant system and can be controlled with any Apple device.

    The home’s lighting control system is operated both by the Savant system and also via wall-mounted keypads. The lighting system features pre-programmed lighting scenes and timed events. Thermostats throughout the home are also integrated with the control system, which makes it easy to adjust the settings and to program the thermostats.

    The surveillance system is also tied-in to the Savant system, which means that homeowners can view surveillance footage and control the system using the two wall-mounted iPads in the home, or with any Internet-enabled Apple device. The PTZ camera at the front gate allows the homeowners to remotely pan, tilt and zoom-in with the camera for a better view.


    February 24, 2014