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    The New Coastal Home - Pastiche of Cape Cod
    Irina MacPhee
    As an award winning interior designer, Irina MacPhee knows that the key to good design is held by the client. For Irina, designing spaces is all about the possibility of living life well; improving the quality of life.
    Irina MacPhee

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    The New Coastal Home

    By Irina MacPhee

    What is the New Coastal Home?

    The trend has changed to be more in keeping with individual tastes, personality and lifestyle.  Homeowners have a desire to take a risk and step out of the box of color and design. Today, anything goes.

    This wasn’t always the case.

    The past few years have evoked a change, not only in the economy, but in design and decorating.  One could sense apprehension in the airMost were hunkering down with what was familiar, safe and habitual.  The classic blue, yellow and white decorating theme was a traditional stronghold many clung to as a safe color palette.  Many weren’t purchasing anything “new” that might shake the apple cart.

    Enter…the Internet.

    Curiosity spread like a viral infection.  Homeowners were bored with the stagnancy of the decorating world and searched the Web for relief.  Pinterest soared to the top of the charts for women voyeurs.  Houzz sprinted to catch up.  Homeowners were able to sneak a peek at designs, colors, interiors, architecture and gardens to their hearts delight.  Individuals were able to go on Websites to go adventuring; visualizing what a space might actually look like.

    The dream starts and is shared with others, saved and posted on boards, Facebook, Twitter and other sites.  The fear of stepping out-of-the-box began to melt away and personal style began to emerge as the design leader.

    The Internet has changed our world significantly with a click. Empowered, individuals are better able to identify their own personal likes and dislikes, colors and styles.

    The “Coastal” home is finding a new identity.

    Desires are pining to take a risk and fall in love.  Like Tapas is to the tasting palette, the temptation to “taste” with the eye is irresistible.  Color trends are soft pewters, tangerine, emerald, turquoise, and soft plums.

    Hiring a designer to help make the new coastal home a specific, personal identifier is the smart choice for success.  No longer are decorating dollars eaten up by building a home. The inside has become just as important as the outside.

    What is an outer shell without the inner soul to give it life and breath?

    Irina MacPhee is owner of Pastiche of Cape Cod in West Barnstable. She can be reached at  irina@pasticheofcapecod.com.

    February 24, 2014