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    Cape Cod Package Store
    As one of the first liquor licenses to be issued in the Town of Barnstable after the repeal of prohibition, Cape Cod Package Store has quite a history in the village of Centerville. Owned and operated by the Pendergast family since 1939, Cape Cod Package Store has been in the wine & beverage retail business for 72 years. Jack and Sylvia Pendergast opened the original store at 404 Main Street in Centerville. In the early 1940’s, the business was moved to 1489 Falmouth Road on Route 28 (pictured above right) and later expanded to encompass the existing location, at 1495 Falmouth Road.

    Rosé Rising

    It was in the dead of the worst winter that I ordered all of our wonderful Rosé wines…buried in snow and dreaming of sunny patios.  My Rosé order became the symbol of a season we were all desperate for.

    Harbinger of spring and a welcome guest to any well dressed table – the Rosés has arrived!Not only arrived but thriving! Long gone are the days of thinking a pink drink is a sweet and lower tiered wine. Rosè is made for spring and summer –almost literally! It is a “bleed” of the red wine and although they hail from as many countries as there is wine production,  it does seem as though Provence and France dominate. On average, prices of these wines have been on the rise, as well as their popularity. Better wine producers are keeping their Rosé production separate and in some cases planting and vinifying just for these lighter styles; making better and better wine each year. Unlike many other wines, Rosés are bright and lively on the palate. This is a sure sign of higher acidity levels, making them great food pairing wines. Rosés are the wines of summer as they pair so well with salads and grilled foods, such as chicken and seafood. Topping a salad with seared tuna? Try a pretty pink Rosé with that!

    Even Brad and Angelina are in the scene, big! Partnering with Perrin Estates; a long standing and very well respected estate in southern France, they have created the highly rated Miraval Rosè, from Provence. This is not just a new trend that will soon to decline. On the contrary, there was a spectacular market growth of 13% just in 2013 alone! It is also a result of more and more Americans traveling abroad and enjoying delightful Rosés in the cafes of France or Spain. European cafe life can be seductive as can a lovely Rosé. You would be hard pressed to find a café anywhere that can beat the beauty of our natural coastline on the Cape, so combine two perfect elements – a Cape Cod summer and a lovely well-chilled Rosé ! Whether it is a “Rosado” from Spain or Italy, Rosé from Provence or Bandol, or even one from Oregon or California, go ahead and dress dress your table with it ~ and if your table is a beach blanket under the stars, all the better!

    Rosé may be rising, but you will be falling…in love with it, one sip at a time!


    May 12, 2015