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    Protect Your Home Away From Home with Roll Down Shutters
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    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and winter storm, Nemo, many Cape Codders are considering the value of investing in rolling shutters to protect their homes.

    This same technology which safeguards homes from Nor’easters, wind, sun, UV rays and blasting sand also serves as a powerful security and privacy system, while helping to save energy costs.

    In addition, as an exterior window treatment, rolling shutters are 40-percent more energy-efficient than interior shades, reducing up to 90 percent of solar-heat gain during summer months, while cutt ing heat loss in the winter.

    Rolling shutters are designed to contribute year round to a residence’s aesthetics, while eliminating the need to ever again hammer plywood sheets to the house in advance of a storm.

    Paul Craig, owner of Shade & Shutt er Systems in Hyannis, points to one more benefit – peace of mind. “Especially for second homeowners, rolling shutters let owners leave the Cape without worry,” he says. The technology today is automated. It can be managed from lap tops, smart phones or tablets via the Internet. You can even install digital sensors that will automatically respond to the weather outside, or close the shutters when the sun is shining brightly into a particular room.

    That’s no small advantage when you consider the investment homeowners make in furniture, fabrics and artwork that can be damaged over time by the sun and UV rays.

    “Because rolling shutters address so many threats to expensive homes, including water leakage and even mold, they are strongly endorsed by many insurance companies now,” says Craig. “As a result, many homeowners will benefit from reduced premiums and fewer claims.”

    Rolling shutters represent the most expensive solution to battling the elements, at least initially, but the long-term value adds up quickly with energy savings, reduced maintenance and the extended life cycle of costly windows and doors.

    The aluminum shutters operate much like a roll-top desk. Narrow slats roll up into a box housing above the window. When installed during new home construction, the box can be totally hidden. The slat itself provides insulation, as does the dead-air space created between the shutter and the window glass. In cold weather, this also reduces indoor window condensation problems.

    When fully closed they form a barrier to air-infi ltration and air-borne pollutants. If you want security and privacy, but also light and ventilation, you can slightly raise the rolling shutter.

    For existing homes, roll shutters are custom made and most often are fully contained by the soffit next to the window.

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    March 23, 2014