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The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies sits at the end of the land and the beginning of the sea. Our vantage point, at the tip of Cape Cod, allows us to work in the midst of an extraordinary ecosystem where all things converge. It is the place where the temperate zone and the sub-boreal zone meet, where the sandy shore knows its northernmost reach and the rocky shore is about to begin. The explosion of upwelling nutrients just offshore and the convergence of many habitats means an explosion of wildlife as well, a home to feed and breed for shorebirds and turtles, whales and dolphins, seals and ground fish, sponges and periwinkles, sea urchins and sand dollars.

From our field station in Provincetown on this narrow, sandy spit of land, we can easily voyage into the greater Gulf of Maine to work on issues of habitat protection, ecosystem management, marine mammal and marine wildlife conservation. We fly aerial surveys over Cape Cod Bay; survey the humpback feeding grounds of Jeffreys Ledge off New Hampshire and Stellwagen Bank off Massachusetts; huddle over countless tables with shipping companies, municipal leaders, fishermen, and government officials to come up with new ways of solving old problems.

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