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One of the most beautiful of the seven villages in the Town of Barnstable, Centerville’s roots go back to the 17th century, when it was called "Chequaquet", meaning “pleasant harbor,” or "village by the sea" by the local Wampanoag Indians. The area of land that Chequaquet occupied was part of a much larger tract purchased in 1648 from the Wampanoags by Myles Standish for two brass kettles and some fencing.

The early 18th century settlers first built their homes around Lake Wequaquet and took advantage of its fertile soil, fresh water and fish. In the early 19th century Chequaquet experienced dramatic expansion and growth. The first post office was established in 1834 and the village’s name was changed to 'Centreville.' The village was aptly named for its central location in the Town of Barnstable; as such, it held an important position in the town, serving as a crossroads and a meeting place.

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