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Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing was founded in 1927. Throughout the years the company's philosophy has been that homeowners and commercial building owners alike, deserve quality roofing materials, in conjunction with superior installation and expert knowledge. All at a reasonable price and time schedule. People on Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket must have agreed with that philosophy, as we now move past our seventh decade in business. We are proud to have Russell Cazeault, sitting on the prestigious G.A.F. National Advisory Council. Click here to view our references.
We guarantee our roofing systems.

Most homeowners think roofing is nothing more than just banging up some shingles. It's not! In fact, roofing is one of the top complaint categories reported to the Better Business Bureau. That's because roofing systems are often designed and/or installed improperly, which can result in leaks and other damage later. (For example, even the seemingly simple task of nailing down a shingle can result in blow-offs and leaks if the shingle is nailed too high-a common problem, even with "reputable" roofers.) Our crews are factory-trained and certified professionals. We've served your neighborhood proudly for many years.

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