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On a brisk Tuesday evening in November of 1923, six members of the Chatham Ladies' Reading Club gathered to discuss the need for an organization in town that would preserve the records and objects related to the history of Chatham . Alarmed by the rate at which antique dealers were buying up such items and aware that the seafaring way of life that had been so much a part of the culture of the town was slowly vanishing, they believed it was urgent to preserve all that they could of its history.

Within a few weeks the small founding group had almost tripled in number, and they met again to formalize the organization and approve the following resolution: The name of this organization shall be The Chatham Historical Society [and] the object of this society shall be to receive and hold articles and documents of historical interest of Chatham and vicinity; to provide and maintain a suitable place for their preservation and exhibition; and to arrange for lectures and publications on historic and kindred subjects.

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