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    Diane Slater
    Cape Cod Package Store
    As one of the first liquor licenses to be issued in the Town of Barnstable after the repeal of prohibition, Cape Cod Package Store has quite a history in the village of Centerville. Owned and operated by the Pendergast family since 1939, Cape Cod Package Store has been in the wine & beverage retail business for 72 years. Jack and Sylvia Pendergast opened the original store at 404 Main Street in Centerville. In the early 1940’s, the business was moved to 1489 Falmouth Road on Route 28 (pictured above right) and later expanded to encompass the existing location, at 1495 Falmouth Road.


    Every week, Luxx Sommelier Diane Slater of Cape Cod Package Store Fine Wines & Spirits shares her wine of the week. If you visit and mention Diane and mention her Wine of the Week at Luxx, she will have a special incentive for you.

    This week, it’s not always about Malbec when you sing Argentina. Argentinians like their whites too.

    Here’s Diane.

    One of their favorites drinks is a wine cocktail called “TINCHO.” This is a lovely white wine blend called New Age that is Torrentes blended with Sauvignon Blanc, a touch of Malvasia and served over ice – YES!

    You are finally validated this summer. Add ice to your wine!! Then, squeeze a fresh juice lime wedge into it and Viola!

    Actually, Tintcho!! I can be a wine purist, but summer is coming and all I could say when I tasted this little seductive concoction was YUM!!

    This wine is blended from grapes of the Valentin Bianchi Estate Vineyards which are entirely hand-picked at optimum ripeness. Then, they utilize the new ideas of a wine consultant who handled the harvest in a whole new way.

    If El Bulli in Spain could make fois gras foam, why not attempt wine manipulation!? So they stop fermentation in the process. This halts the transforming of all sugars into alcohol.

    This is accomplished via a centrifuge and temperature control. The result is a lower alcohol wine that retains some of the grapes’ natural sugars so it is a bit sweet – but not at all too sweet, or even very sweet.  There is such an expression of bright acidity in this wine that it projects vibrancy and a sense of frizzante, slightly sparkling.

    It is not a short-sighted attempt to make a cheap wine. Not at all. The grapes, remember, are all hand-picked and blended carefully. This wine is made to be exactly what it is, delicious. When the sun is out and your toes are in the in the sand, this is a wine you want in your hand.

    Other recipes from Argentina using New Age Wine:


    New Age Sangria

    • Fill pitcher with ice
    • Add slices of Orange, strawberry, and lime.
    • 1 Bottle of White

    Raspberry Kiss

    • New Age wine with a splash of Chambord and a sprinkling of frozen raspberries

    New Age Mojito

    • Three fresh Mint  Sprigs, 1 ounce of Simple Syrup, 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice, New Age wine


    • Champagne glass of New Age white with a splash of tangerine/orange vodka garnished with an orange twist.
    May 22, 2014