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    The gallery at Tree's Place was founded on Cape Cod in 1986, with a commitment to promoting the best established and emerging artists in the region. It has since grown to become one of the leading dealers of representational painting in the nation, proud home to some of the finest living painters working in this genre.
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    Richard Loud  was raised in Quincy, Massachusetts, and graduated from Northeastern University.  The son of a master shipwright who built boats for profit and pleasure, he was exposed at an early age to the complexities and beauty of boat design and construction. His early career included work as a draftsman for the Penn Central Railroad, as a deckhand on a 114-foot motor yacht, and as an assistant to his boatbuilding father. All the while, he was drawing and painting the variety of vessels in his midst.

    Now a full-time painter, he combines a thorough understanding of sea conditions with a deep affection for the craftsmanship and lifestyle that are central to seafaring life. He flawlessly renders the anatomy of sailboats lithely harnessing the elements and sweeping through the chop with ease. Through use of color, line, and form, Loud implies a spirited race. The tenor of sport plays out beneath with halcyon skies, suggesting a perfect day on the water.

    Loud’s finely detailed paintings are included in many important collections and have won the praise of some of his most accomplished peers: “His love of the turn-of-the-century yachting scene, and dedication to excellence of the craft, sets him high above others in his field, but the real guts of Richard Loud’s work lies in an intuitive understanding of how ships relate to their element; how the wind hums in their rigging and the water dances around their hulls.”— John Stobart.

    Loud’s paintings have earned him several awards in the Mystic International Exhibitions and he was recently elected a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists. In 1991 he was commissioned to paint the HMS ROSE, which was displayed on board the vessel during the Eastern Seaboard Tour of the Bill of Rights. The painting became a part of the permanent collection of the HMS ROSE Foundation in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He currently lives in Massachusetts and spends his summers sailing with his family on his beloved yacht, the Volya.

    April 25, 2014