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    Meet Little Miss Cupcake

    There really is a Little Miss Cupcake on Cape Cod.

    Her name is Taylor Stump, a recent Manhattan College graduate, who is among a growing number of young entrepreneurs on the Cape who are turning their dreams into exciting new businesses.

    You can meet her and indulge in her custom creations at 388 Main Street in Hyannis, in the Puritan Cape Cod building across from the JFK Museum.

    Only a year ago, Taylor was taking her final college exams. Today, her exquisitely and whimsily designed Little Miss Cupcake store is far more than a bakery. It’s a destination and experience that even includes a create-your-own-cupcake bar. Pick your flavor, your toppings, or ask for a scoop of ice cream.

    The Luxx Concierge recently visited Little Miss Cupcake and tasted four varieties that shared one thing in common – decadent chocolate – Chocolate Shark Attack, Dock Chocolate Rasphberry, Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel and Wicked Awesome Oreo.

    They are among 12 daily choices featured at this Disney-like pink, white, aqua and yellow shop that also features candies, coffees and even locally made custom soaps.

    From the mouth-watering counter  you can view the immaculate bakery through glass and watch Stump and her staff pull cupcakes from the convection ovens and lovingly ice them. All the ingredients are totally fresh, with no preservatives.

    That’s a real challenge, especially for such a new business as she calculates seasonal demand. Too few cupcakes, and Taylor has to close the store early. Too many and she gives them to local homeless shelters or delivers them to police and fire stations. That’s a great gift, of course. But at $3.50 a cupcake, it’s why Taylor’s business marketing degree will be as invaluable as her baking talent.

    Here is the Luxx Concierge’s interview with Taylor.

    Why cupcakes?

    Taylor: They have been my passion since I was a kid, baking them with my grandmother. By my senior year in high school, i was baking for birthday parties and graduation parties in my Ohio hometown.

    I planned on becoming a fashion designer and went to college in New York to pursue that ambition. So I view cupcakes as art and want to share them with everybody. While at college, I worked with my teachers building a business plan for a cupcake company.

    So, how did you end up leaving New York and opening Little Miss Cupcake on Cape Cod?

    I loved New York, but I love Cape Cod more. My family had been summering here for more than 20 years. Several years ago, my mom and dad decided to make the Cape our permanent home. We originally moved into our summer cottage, but recently built a home in Dennis, where I live them and my siblings.

    My mom, who often helps at the shop, owns a day care business in Austin, Texas, and my dad has an energy business back in Ohio. Both of them travel frequently and manage their businesses remotely to be able to live on the Cape.

    Our whole family loves the Cape so much that we have organized our businesses so we can live here year round. Not only can we enjoy the beach and all the natural beauty of the Cape, but we are so close to Boston.

    How did you find this amazing location in the heart of Hyannis?

    Initially,we found a location behind Cape Cod Mall, but my father was not convinced that would be visible and accessible enough. That’s when we met Rick Penn, one of the owners of Puritan Cape Cod, who was looking for eateries to complement his clothing store and help create a destination on Main Street.

    It was a bit like the television show Shark Tank. I was fresh out of college with a business plan and I really had to sell the idea and myself to Rick. I was very nervous and talking fast, but once he encouraged me to calm down, we really hit off. He has been amazingly supportive, helping us with the business and constantly bringing Puritan’s own customers into Little Miss Cupcake and featuring our cupcakes at Puritan’s own events.

    You opened Little Miss Cupcake this summer just as the national cupcake company Crumbs was going out of business. Why do you think you will be successful?

    For us, a cupcake is more than a product. At Little Miss Cupcake, it’s an experience. We want our customers to come in and feel like they can spend time with us sitting at tables, using our wi-fi, enjoying coffee. Our party room is available not only for parties, but even for business meetings. We play 50’s and 60’s music. We’ve created cupcake club for rewards and even earning a free cupcake during your birthday month.

    But, it’s really all about the cupcakes. We are truly homemade, use only natural ingredients and are  totally fresh. No preservatives. No hydrogenated fats.  We use special ingredients to assure their moistness, but we won’t reveal our secret ingredients. As a result, our cupcakes are denser than store-bought ones, which have air whipped into them.  We also fill every cupcake with fun ingredients.

    You opened in time for the summer season. Will you be open during the winter?

    Clearly, we won’t be baking as many cupcakes as in July and August, but we expect to see many fullt-time residents and even second homeowners who visit frequently during the off season.

    Downtown is constantly evolving. The Penn’s have converted four locations in their landmark building into eateries – the Naked Oyster, Pizza Barbone, Rendezvous Cafe and Creperie and Little Miss Cupcake. We all are complementary and create a destination.

    Do you have a favorite cupcake?

    Obviously, I love them all. But my favorites are probably Captain Carrot Cake, which is baked with pineapple, coconut and walnuts, and Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel.  Of course, I have to eat them all for quality control. That’s why I am always going to the gym.
    338 Main Street, Hyannis across from the JFK Museum

    508-778-CAKE (2253)


    October 21, 2014