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    Lifestyle trends for your deck    

    Outdoor showers

    A deck is an ideal location for an outdoor shower because of its proximity to bedrooms, especially a master suite, and the privacy it affords. A shower can be mounted to a deck with a galvanized removable drain pan below the joists.

    “The placement of the outdoor shower is most important,” said Donoghue. “At my own home, I wanted the outdoor shower to be close to the entrance of the house so I didn’t have guests and children walking the entire length of the yard in a towel.”

    Curved decks and railings

    Some builders and suppliers are moving away from standard (boring) squares and rectangles and now are utilizing curves and arcs.

    Water and fire features

    You can enhance the pleasure of sitting on your deck by hearing water trickling nearby. Homeowners now are incorporating concepts ranging from large stone structures with waterfalls to smaller bubbling fountains to their deck designs.

    Adjacent fire pits enhance the value of deck living and extends the season to enjoy this outdoor living.

    LED lighting

    Decks now are being designed with nighttime in mind. Incorporating sunken lights into stair treads, overhead lights hidden in pergolas, or carefully placed spot lights among planters or hiding under benches are revolutionizng the art of deck design.

    Outdoor kitchens

    This is where composite materials probably make the most sense. They are fire resistant and easy to clean given the likelihood of spillage and even grease from the grill.

    There are special considerations for your deck and outdoor kitchen. It may require plumbing and wiring. You will need to assure that the deck has the proper structural support. If you plan on adding an outdoor sink, make sure to check building codes in regards to the plumbing.

    Then, there is storage and counter space. Consider building outdoor drawers and cabinets to store materials and utensils. Several feet of counter space on each side of the grill can make a big difference. Make sure the counter is made of material that can withstand rough weather.

    Special design features

    Inlays, custom woodwork, built-in seating, entryways and exits are compelling ways to customize your deck.

    “Only the pocketbook and the imagination provide barriers to deck designs,” said Rich Donoghue of Botello’s. “Nearly every customer comes in with some layout or internet-generated deck design and then we help them get started.”

    Given the grandeur of the Cape and the relentless customer-focused environment of builders and suppliers that bring ideas to the front door and the back door, there’s just not a better place in the world to enjoy outdoor living … At Home.

    November 05, 2014