• Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series: Stronger, Not Heavier

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    At Koko, you don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer to get expert guidance. Our Smartrainer is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It acts as a virtual personal trainer: directing you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically.

    I’m not heavier, but I’m stronger, more tone, and feel better about myself

    Luxx Cape Cod and Koko FitClub have partnered together to get fit. Over the next few months, we will be following Christopher through his journey on the Koko 30 days for $30 program, and see if it’s up to the test.

    When I first started this Koko journey, I had it in my mind that I wanted to be heavier. I pictured in my mind this Arnold Swartzenegar-looking version of myself, all ripped, huge and tone with 30 days of working out.

    Results? Arnold is still Arnold and Chris is still Chris, though a better Chris.

    I must admit I have not gained a pound. But to say that is still my focus now be a lie. I am stronger, I am healthier, and I am in the best shape I have ever been in in my life, and I’ve always been in pretty good shape (the same weight for 8 years).

    So I give Koko a win – for not making me heavier, but for making me more efficient. For pushing me to learn more about my body and not just lift heavy weights arbitrarily so I can say, “Well at least I worked out today.” Thank you to Koko for forcing me to learn more about my body, and to challenge my physical makeup as we can always be better. We can always look better, we can always eat healthier, but only if we have the knowledge to keep us engaged and keep us reaching towards a never-ending goal of living well and being healthy.

    What started out as a marketing ploy to get me in the door has transformed itself into total dependency. The cost is a little high for someone like me (college loans will have a stranglehold on my future for a long time), but I feel as though I can’t go anywhere else.

    Sure, I can drive over to fitness 500 and sign up for a $30/month membership – but then I lose the personalization and the data showcasing my progress.

    Okay – so just hire a personal trainer and that’ll solve your problems. But by the time you’re there, you’re paying anywhere from $45/$100 an hour and you’ve already passed the price point for Koko, so it’s really a no-brainer at this point. Why would I leave? I’ve got a family who I feel comfortable exercising with, a gym that tells me how to eat and be healthier, goals to strive and aim for to keep me engaged, a customized workout plan that’s built solely for me, statistics I can view at home and watch the trends of my fitness lifespan to see what good/bad habits at home are effecting my physical health, and a place where I can go to blow off some steam and hammer out a good workout 24 hours a day.

    So it seems that Koko gets my ok for life, and not just 30 days. I’m staying. See you in Centerville!

    January 29, 2015