• Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series: Staying Healthy Outside of Koko

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    Staying Healthy Outside of Koko
    Koko Fit Club
    At Koko, you don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer to get expert guidance. Our Smartrainer is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It acts as a virtual personal trainer: directing you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically.

    Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series: Staying Healthy Outside of Koko

    Luxx Cape Cod and Koko FitClub have partnered together to get fit. Over the next few months, we will be following Christopher through his journey on the Koko 30 days for $30 program, and see if it’s up to the test.

    I have to admit, I have not stuck with my Koko Fuel plan. I tried to incorporate it fully into my life, but this has taken me more effort than I thought. It’s essentially a complete dietary overhaul, and if you’re prepared for it, it’s a tremendous resource to really take advantage of. I, unfortunately, have not.

    However, that’s not to say this meal plan hasn’t changed the way I eat and think about food – because it has, just not in the way that you might think.

    I see that magic number of 150 grams of protein/day, and I look at all the food and ingredients Koko recommends, and this influences my whole mindset about what I decide to put into my body and how it affects my workout.

    I want to see those numbers climb, and I want to watch that Q score trend upwards. I hear Michael Woods telling me every day to drink chocolate milk because my body can handle an insulin spike post-workout, and to eat almonds after a workout because they boost your EPOC significantly so you can continue to burn calories (but don’t eat too many as they’re high in fat).

    I begin to pay attention to my protein intake, including where that protein comes from, and if it’s a real source of protein or an artificial one. I want to be better – I want to be stronger. This is no departure from how I’ve felt in the past, but this time I have numbers to keep me motivated and keep me asking questions.

    So am I following the Koko Fuel plan to a t? No. But has it had an impact on my health and how I eat? Absolutely.

    January 15, 2015