• Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series: First 5 Sessions

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    Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series
    Koko Fit Club
    At Koko, you don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer to get expert guidance. Our Smartrainer is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It acts as a virtual personal trainer: directing you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically.

    First 5 Sessions

    Luxx Cape Cod and Koko FitClub have partnered together to get fit. Over the next few months, we will be following Christopher through his journey on the Koko 30 days for $30 program, and see if it’s up to the test.

    Just finished my first 5 sessions at Koko and I just have to say wow. I’ve never experienced a gym like this. Everything is customized to you, so you’re not doing some generic workout designed for the status quo, you’re developing your body towards fitness goals you define on a schedule you choose. Sure there are recommendations, and for the most part I follow them, but the simple fact that the freedom is there combined with the customization is a powerful tool.

    After you finish you first 5 sessions, which include strength tests and range of motion measurements to pinpoint, well, your range of motion, you gain access to a customized meal plan, and to be honest, it’s not what I was expecting. It’s modern. Recommended foods like Quinoa and Garbanzo beans represent a menu that trends away from stereotypical meals like steak and raw eggs (at least this is what I had pictured I would be eating). While some of the recipes seem a bit grandiose, if you look to the last page of the plan, you’re given a complete shopping list to work from. So Koko has officially done my grocery shopping for me. All I have to do now is plug the order into Stop and Shop’s Peapod service and I don’t even need to leave my chair.

    The true power here lies within taking the guesswork out of everything. Instead of most gyms where you say, “I want to get fit, I think I’ll get a membership!” and then you walk around blind for a month or two picking up things that are too heavy and running far too long in those $200 shoes you just bought to convince yourself you were committing to getting yourself in shape, you experience something completely different. This time there’s a plan – and it’s yours.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a lean 135 pounds. While I’m not complaining about this, as a 24 year old male, I want to build muscle – something I’ve never been able to do. No matter how much physical activity I engage in on a weekly basis, I always stare down at that same number – 135 – every time. With this new direction and custom fit plan, I’m excited to see the results. I plan to follow this plan rigidly, and in doing so may well prove if the system works towards achieving goals for the individual. So for someone who hasn’t gained a pound in roughly 8 years, I welcome Koko’s challenge. Bring it on!

    November 06, 2014