• Koko FitClub 30 for 30 Series: Digesting the Meal Plan

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    At Koko, you don’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer to get expert guidance. Our Smartrainer is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It acts as a virtual personal trainer: directing you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically.

    Luxx Cape Cod and Koko FitClub have partnered together to get fit. Over the next few months, we will be following Christopher through his journey on the Koko 30 days for $30 program, and see if it’s up to the test.

    I have never been more excited about bettering my body. Everyone wants to be healthy, and Koko does an excellent job of educating you on what you should fuel yourself with and when is the best time to eat certain foods. I also love the fact that during your cardio sessions, Michael Wood (your fitness instructor) does an excellent job of educating you with interesting tidbits of useful information (which I proudly parade around the dinner table as If it were of my own findings). Tips like, “Drink 2 glasses of water prior to every meal!” and helping you to understand that fruit is best consumed following workouts (because of good fibers and is easily digestible) have impacted the decisions I make on a daily basis that help improve my overall health. This is the first time that the gym exists outside the gym – it’s becoming a lifestyle.

    As far as the actual meal plan goes, I think it’s amazing that they’re able to provide full meals and an entire shopping list designed around your specific body type and fitness level. The downside is that if you can’t commit the time necessary to properly execute a full-time revamped meal schedule, then you may have to do what I did; adjust things to fit your personal schedule (which to Koko’s credit – they can’t monitor every aspect of my life). I attempted to make the switch to follow the full plan, but unfortunately cannot accommodate the time commitment required to prepare these meals ahead of time (this may be different for you – as my schedule can be a bit out of control sometimes – but this can be true for many of us).

    Ultimately, it boils down to achieving the basic goals. For me, it’s consuming 138 grams of protein/day – which has been a challenge for me. So I bought some organic hemp protein powder (I went hemp because it’s supposedly a, “perfect protein,” and can be much more efficient than other powders). I now count the grams of protein in everything I eat, and basically use the meal plan/shopping list as a consultant on which foods I should buy (because they’re likely high in protein).

    As I said in my last article, I am so excited about Koko. I’ve fully embraced the challenge of, in this case, GAINING weight; something I’ve never been able to do. So with the Koko Fuel Plan as my guide, I think I’ve found the balance I need to succeed.

    November 13, 2014