• Ice Cream in the Winter

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    Auntie’s Ice Cream Parlor


    671 Main Street

    Dennisport, 02639


    Open noon to 9, but call to check on winter hours


    Auntie’s Ice Cream arrived in Dennisport two years ago as part of downtown’s renaissance for foodies that now includes Buckies Biscotti & Bakery Cafe and the Red Nun restaurant and bar.

    Auntie’s is designed with a vintage flair that takes you back to the 1950s. Locally owned, it stays open in the winter to loyally serve local clientele, but attracts loyal customers from miles around.

    It features super premium ice cream from Polar Cave, old fashioned frappes, malts, sundaes, smoothies, Lime Rickeys and New York style egg creams.

    Some of the Luxx Concierge’s favorite flavors include: banana walnut chip, Dutch apple, German chocolate cake, Kahlua fudge brownie and Mashpee mud. There are 36 flavors in all.


    Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium

    Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium

    209 Main Street

    Falmouth, 02540



    This is one of the Luxx Concierge’s favorite stops along the Chocolate Cape tour. Located in downtown Falmouth, it fortunately also serves ice cream during the winter.

    Paul and Mary Trahan started what would one day become Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in 1956. With an aisle devoted to their handmade candies and chocolates in Ben Franklin’s  Store in Vineyard Haven.

    In 1958, the Trahans opened their very own retail shop, and quickly found quite a demand for their quality products. They branched out to Falmouth and Hyannis. They now are only in Falmouth.In 1988, after thirty-two years of operating Trahan’s Candies, Paul and Mary sold the business to their nephews, Benjamin and William Coggins, at which point the business became Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium as it is today.

    In 1991 another location was added, in Northampton, Massachusetts, followed by the fourth extant shop in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard in 1994, in the neighboring town where the business began almost forty years before.

    Today, Ben & Bill’s continues to offer quality candies and chocolates made with the original recipes, and numerous flavors of ice cream – 64 hard-serve flavors plus 12 of gelato in the Bar Harbor store alone. Not quite so many here on the Cape. But plenty to enjoy during the winter!


    Columbo’s Cafe & Pastries

    Columbo's Cafe

    544 Main Street, Hyannis, 0260



    There are woefully few places anytime of the year to find gelato on the Cape. Fortunately, Columbo’s, an excellent Italian eatery serves gelato year round, not only as a desert after lunch or dinner, but all afternoon long and into the evening at their attractive gelato stand in the dining room.

    It will be hard to resist a canolli along with your gelato, or any of more than a dozen pastries also available for take out.

    Two scoops are $4.50;  three, $5.95.

    Flavors include sea salt caramel, Greek yogurt with strawberry swirl, Oreo, passion fruit, mango, pink guava, pink lemonade, peanut butter, hazelnut, coconut, pistachio, cookies and cream and toasted almond and, of course,  vanilla and chocolate.

    Four Seas Ice Cream


    360 South Main Street

    Centerville 02632


    Four Seas Ice Cream, serving since 1934, is located in Centerville and is open weekends through the winter, Friday – Sunday 11 to 5.

    The selections are limited to quarts and cakes.

    It’s located in an old  blacksmith’s shop. During tghe season, if you have the time, sit on the counter stools and savor an old-fashioned ice cream sundae or frappe,  the New England word for “milkshake”- a real milkshake is just milk with syrup, shaken) and other sweet treats.

    The owners boast flavors including fresh peach, black raspberry, cookie dough, peanut butter chocolate chip and coffee, as well as a few we originated, such as chip chocolate – created with melted chocolate that solidifies when it hits the frozen ice cream – and penuche pecan, an old-fashioned brown sugar flavor based on a special New England recipe.

    You can also find homemade sandwiches.

    Four Seas also customizes its ice creams for private and commercial customers, including flavors such as Asian-inspired green tea to mocha without the chips for a member of the Kennedy family.

    If you can’t get to Four Seasons, look for it at many local markets.


    The Purple Feather


    334 Commercial Street

    Provincetown  02657


    This is a must-visit gelato stop if you are in Provincetown during the wnter.  There’s even a gas fireplace to keep you warm while enjoying gelato and sorbetto.  It’s open from 11 am to 5 pm every day.

    It also offers full lunches including made from scratch Baked Mac n Cheese, fresh grilled panini sandwiches or authentic jerk chicken.

    The story of The Purple Feather speaks to many Cape Codders who are inspired to move here and build new, exciting lives.

    Ann and Peter Okun first found beautiful Provincetown during a family vacation to Cape Cod. They soon decided to open a fine chocolate and fudge shop there.

    After hard work and long discussions the first Purple Feather opened in 2003, in a 165 square foot cottage just 40 paces from where the café is now located.

    After three seasons and children in college, the Okuns took a leap of faith, closed their farm, packed their mini van, and moved to Provincetown full time. In 2007 Purple Feather Café & Treatery opened its doors.

    It boasts artisan gelato and sorbetto in as many as 70 flavors. Each pan of gelato or sorbetto is made from scratch in their  kitchen.

    In their own words:

    “We start by cooking fresh whole milk, sugar, and other natural ingredients like pure pistachio or hazelnut pastes imported from Italy. Once cooked to the precise temperature the batch is immediately cooled to a smooth frozen texture.

    Since gelato is made with milk instead of heavy cream, it is frozen with less air than ice cream, giving it a richer taste. With about a third of the fat, gelato is lower in calories than ice cream; a regular serving is only 140 calories. For a completely dairy and fat free treat, we also have fresh fruit sorbetto, of coursemade with real fruit. Don’t be surprised if you can’t tell the difference; with our top end equipment and process, our sorbetto tastes as creamy as our gelato.

    With the addition of an alcohol license, Purple Feather now makes unique wine flavored gelato and sorbetto.

    Some favorite flavors include: Almond Crunch, Coconut, Turtle Dove, Tiramisu, Chocolate Sundae, Bacio, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Mojhito.


    December 30, 2014