• How to Properly String Holiday Lights on a Deciduous Tree

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    Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0028
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    Stringing holiday lights on a deciduous tree


    Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0021

    Step One: Start at the bottom. Tie your first strand to the trunk using a loose knot.


    Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0024

    Step Two: Tightly wrap the trunk. The larger the trunk, the greater the space between the loops.


    Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0025

    Step Three: Wrap the leaders and other large limbs in the same way as the trunk. Decrease the interval between the loops as the limbs get smaller.


    Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0028

    Step Four: Don’t wrap limbs to their tips; visual impact is not affected and the weight would cause limbs to hang and ruin the tree’s natural shape.

    December 06, 2014