• How to Install Hurricane Fabric Covers

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    Hurricane Fabric Covers are manually installed before a hurricane strikes. When a hurricane warning is issued, you will locate specific panels that correspond to each numbered location on your home.

    There are several ways to install the panels

    The easiest is by a series of grommets that are embedded in the perimeter of the fabric. You align the grommets with the embedded hardware that is in your trim casing and use a sidewalk bolt to attach right through to it. Put the sidewalk bolts in loosely until you have actually pulled the fabric across the opening and into place.

    After you have gotten one bolt in each grommet hole, tighten them by hand. We do not recommend using power tools for this. Just hand tighten.

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    Grommet Screens can be used in tandem with the Strap & Buckle design. This hybrid application provides hurricane protection for difficult openings that other shutter types are unable to match. Wall- and floor-mounted tracks are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, all with corrosion-resistant materials and finishes. An optional, code-approved emergency egress panel can protect you inside your home and assure you can get out if needed.

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    If your hurricane fabric has a track system at the top, it is called an Easy Screen. Here, you simply slide the left side of the fabric into the track and then cleat it at the bottom by pulling it through, feeding the fabric through the tensioner. Then, tighten it down. You do that to all of the openings. There are no tools required and no fasteners to lose.

    To learn more about Easy Screen, click here.

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    March 05, 2014