• How to Make Your Home Look Like It’s Christmas in Seven Easy Steps

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    Irina MacPhee
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    Irina MacPhee

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    Step 1:

    Change out your pillows to Holiday Pillows.  An accent pillow is the perfect quick & easy solution to look like you are the most organized planner when it comes to transforming your home into that festive spirit.  These pillows are inexpensive, fun and decorative.  Take 15 minutes, put your traditional throw pillows in the closet and bring out the good cheer!

    Step 2:

    Pick your theme and stick to it. Start with your wreath that welcomes guests into your home on your entry door. Think of this as an appetizer to the rest of the “meal”. It will give your visitors a hint of what treasures might be found inside. Don’t be shy, wreaths can go anywhere inside the house as well. If traditional and classic is your style, brighten up a pine wreath with other greenery from outside with different textures; add a festive bow and you’re all set. Ribbon is everything if you want it to be.  If glam is more you, make a wreath out of last year’s Christmas balls; beautiful! If whimsical teases your fancy, make a wreath out of balls of yarn, burlap, wrapped presents or toys…no bow required. If you let the wind blow you where it may, start creating a wreath out of pinecones or other materials you may find; see where it takes you.  What about a square wreath? Go for it!  Remember…less is more and stick to your theme; you have to pick one. Try some of these ideas. I hope they inspire you!

    Step 3:

    The tree, the tree! Let’s not forget the Christmas tree. These vary in size, shape style and decoration as much as snowflakes vary falling from the sky. You may find yourself getting quiteemotional over the tree.

    My eldest daughter telephoned me from Savannah the other day in distress. Her beau wanted to put strung popcorn on the tree. Oh my! She wanted to put an elegant, turquoise ornament on the tree;he did not. Never shall the two minds meet when it came to the vision of this tree…so she thought. My recommendation: if it is that important to you to have that perfect looking tree, have a smaller tree in a place you will be able to enjoy it and let go of the emotional tie. For that matter, put different trees in different sizes around the home; some fresh and some not.

    It doesn’t matter if your tree is large, small, sparse, potted, or decorated with paper, shells, elegant ornaments, popcorn & cranberries, glass, tinsel, colored lights or white lights, or made out of driftwood or even drawn on a chalkboard….the truth is every individual will have his or her visionof that “perfect tree” looks like. Let it go & have fun with it all. Give yourself (and others)permission to express yourself. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

    Step 4:

    For those of us who love to decorate the banister at Christmas time, don’t get stuck in a rut.  There is no rule that says you have to decorate it the same every year.  Most stay clear of the banister because it becomes a cleaning nightmare; pine needle droppings seem too multiply overnight like mouse dropping.  Hint: use a good quality everlasting garland and add to it withfresh greenery from your garden.  You won’t have as many dropping to clean, but you will have arich looking decoration to bring your holiday spirit to a new level.

    Keep with your theme be it traditional, whimsical, contemporary or new twist on an old idea, don’t be afraid to put your own personality and style into it.

    Step 5:

    The Mantel! If you have a fireplace or two, many take delight in decorating the mantel. Christmas time is often spent cuddled around a warm fire; gazing into the flickering, warm light and at the seasonal mantel. Anything goes! Hint: remember to stick to your theme. Fruit, balls, lanterns, candles, snow globes, greens, toys; flowers….let your theme inspire you. If money is tight, grab some fresh greens from outside and place on the mantel. Better yet, purchase an inexpensive white-pine rope garland and add from your treasure chest of clippings from your yard. Be inspired!

    Step 6:

    The Table.  If you love entertaining, you will love dressing your table.  By now you know to stick to your theme….at least I hope you have caught on to this idea.  Let your theme and yourpersonality inspire you.  It is always fun to have a little surprise or a gift for your guests; don’t miss the opportunity to delight them.  Get creative with place cards and napkin “rings”….greenery will serve just as nicely.  Try ribbon!  Most important…don’t stress, but have fun with it all.

    Step 7:

    I have always believed that the wrapping on the presents is just as important as the present inside.  In Switzerland even the paper is important; not to be ripped open and tossed away.  In my family, we always saved the ribbon….the ribbon can just make the package spectacular.  Add a little accent, gift, or ornament and success!  My favorite…create Christmas in a jar to enjoy this year and for many years to come; magical! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

    November 25, 2013