• Choosing Glassworks for Your Home

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    Make an Impression with custom glass - Taqwa Glassworks
    Taqwa Glassworks
    Taqwa Glassworks Studio excels in innovative, collaborative design concepts and techniques. From sculptural and traditional glass designs, to developing and executing architectural directives, all projects are carefully and meticulously hand crafted, utilizing traditional and contemporary methods to bring both glass and design into harmony.


    By Christie Andresen

    Choosing glass work for your home is a very personal experience: small details that were carefully chosen for your home have meaning for you and we believe the essence of these details have an integral part to play in the creation of your glass piece.

    We do our very best to learn about your home, your light and your décor so that we can work closely with color and design motifs to make a panel that is perfect for the special area you have designated for glass.

    Glass work is not only for your existing lights, but can be used as beautiful “area” dividers: suspended panels between rooms, corner pieces used to frame doorways, formalize dining areas or accentuate large picture windows, and as wall hangings adding a touch of elegance to any room with soft tinted walls.

    Decorate the light coming into your home, add warmth to a cool room,
    or add a crisp breath of soft tints to a room with too much yellow light.

    Panels are often used as continuations of the design and décor of the rooms in which they are installed. These two pieces are installed near the top of the wall, and were crafted to match detail in the wallpaper.

    Sometimes, an area just needs one more touch to be complete.

    Here is a panel that is a window, overlooking a three story vertical shaft of light, running from the roof to the first floor: and the panel is actually a window in the shower area of this bathroom on the second floor.

    We have incorporated the same tile accent motif and colour (found in the shower) to create privacy, while keeping the panel distinctive in the sunlit shaft and as a décor accent in the shower.

    Sometimes, a room is softly conservative, with carefully chosen paint colours, which allow for the panel to be the element of décor in the room. These panels are installed in the center of a cupboard.

    April 25, 2014