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    Why Conduct a Home Energy Audit

    Why conduct a home energy audit By Richard J. Lorenzotti, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP With current economic realities, everyone is looking for a place to save money.  A good place to identify cost savings is in your home’s energy-consuming systems.  …

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    Winter Sports Safety

    Winter Sports Safety By Amy Scholten, MPH To you, the first snow fall is a signal to strap on the skis and skates, or even jump on a sled. You may look forward to days in the frosty snow, but …

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    Decoding Energy Efficient Lingo

    Decoding Energy Efficient Lingo The terminology for energy-efficient homes can be very technical and confusing to home owners. Here are some simple definitions to help you understand popular energy-saving options for your home.   Energy-Efficient Home A home that uses …

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    Winter Driving Tips

    Winter Driving Tips   Compliments of Cape Cod Healthcare Winter may bring a beautiful, glistening white blanket of fresh snow ready for snowmen and sledding. The season for snow and ice can also be the season for traffic accidents, but …

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  • Provincetown in the Winter

    Provincetown in the Wintertime

    Provincetown in the Wintertime One of our Luxx members emailed us. She said she was visiting the Cape and wanted us to provide a suggested itinerary. We love when our members reach out to the Luxx Concierge for guidance. What …

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  • Best restaurants to eat on Cape Cod

    Cape Cod’s Top 25 Finest Restaurants

    Our Top 25 Finest Restaurants The Luxx Concierge has been visiting fine restaurants across the Cape for months. We’ve winnowed our list down to a Top 21 for the winter and spring. Several excellent restaurants do not open until late …

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    Fight a cold naturally

    Fight a cold naturally By Betsy Wild USDA photo. Image Number K3644-12. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Exposure to cold germs is inevitable and most people get at least one or two colds per year.  My husband and I recently felt the …

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  • Winter Storm Prep - Your Home's Interior

    Winter Storm Prep: Your Home’s Interior

    Winter Storm Prep: Your Home’s Interior Compliments of Kinlin Grover Real Estate With forecasters anticipating a bitterly cold winter, take time now to prepare your home for weathering seasonal storms. Damage from a storm can be devastating to both the …

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    Birding in the Winter

    Join the Cape Cod Bird Club Would you like to join The Cape Cod Bird Club? The Cape Cod Bird Club is an organization whose members are interested in the protection and conservation of the bird life and natural resources …

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  • The Winter Garden - Elaine Johnson

    The Winter Garden

      “What fascinates me about the garden in winter is that it is the true test of garden design…like a church in Lent, stripped of its furnishings, so that one falls back on the purity of the architecture, devoid of …

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