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    Turn Your Vacation into a Tax Deduction

      By Tammy Glivinski Tim, who owns his own business, decided he wanted to take a two-week trip around the US. So he did–and was able to legally deduct every dime that he spent on his vacation. Here’s how he …

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  • Jack Daniels Cape Cod Package Store

    People are drinking at my house. Am I responsible if they hurt someone?

    People are drinking at my house. Am I responsible if they hurt someone? By Rogers & Gray Insurance There was a recent article posted on Fox25 news in Boston about how “Social Host” waivers are gaining popularity at Massachusetts parties. …

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  • Open House- Lower Cape

    What to Expect on the Second-Home Front

    How will it affect your quality of life on Cape Cod?   Nearly one of every two households on Cape Cod now is a second home. In many towns, that percentage approaches 60 percent. A closer look at these residents …

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    5 Reasons to Never Live Without an Estate Plan

      By Kathleen Fowler You choose the person(s) who will care for you if you were incapacitated. You choose the person(s) who will manage your assets if you become incapacitated. At your death, your documents will direct where your assets …

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  • Axial

    Gift and Estate Taxes

    Gift and Estate Taxes By William Scotti III If you give away money or property during your life, those transfers may be subject to federal gift and estate tax and perhaps state gift tax. The money and property you own …

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    Quick guide to flood insurance

    Quick guide to flood insurance By Lynn Mason Small We recently received this snippet of the recent changes to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance legistation changes.  This information was supplied by the national Association of Professional Insurance Agents and gives a real …

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    Insuring the Irreplaceable

      Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency Building an art collection is not just a passionate pastime; it also can be a savvy financial move. The value of fine art and jewelry continues to appreciate, but that means that you also …

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    The Comeback of the Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

        First Citizens Federal Credit Union Adjustable-rate mortgages, also known as ARMs or variable-rate loans, have been out of favor with many people in recent years because of the low fixed rate interest-rate environment and the perception that rising …

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  • Insurance---Boating

    Boating and Your Money

    Boating and your money Rogers and Gray Insurance Agency When it comes to boating, the only surprises you want are unexpected whale sightings. But we all know the unexpected happens – and that’s why we have boating insurance. But boating …

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  • The Science Behind Determining Interest Rates

    The Benefits of Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking keeps you in control Mobile Banking is the ultimate on-demand service. With it you can now monitor your accounts using your mobile phone… receive alerts, view accounts, even transfer funds whenever you need to. Wherever you happen to …

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