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  • Bees24

    Learn About Honey Bees

      This exhibit at Cape Cod’s Nature Place, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, gives visitors a close-up look at one of nature’s most interesting creatures that is so vital to our food source. Look for the queen, easily …

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    A Walk to the Historic Marconi Antenna Field

      When you visit the Chatham Marconi Maritime Musuem be sure to take advantage of the walking trail there that leads you up the hill behind the museum to the historic antenna field. In addition, trail walkers will be treated to …

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  • Gertrude Haynes Princess Evening Aikens

    Traditional Leaders of the Wampanoag

    Traditional Leaders of the Wampanoag Blind Joe Amos The ordained Mashpee Wampanoag Indian minister was a pastor with substantial credentials, a reputation for great sermons and a propensity to fiddle. In 1834 Amos joined William Apes, a Pequot minister and …

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    Day & Night in Barnstable

      Welcome to Barnstable Village Barnstable’s village is quaint and surprisingly diverse locale to enjoy the history, culture and nature of the Cape.  The tiny village center is home to Barnstable County’s government complex including courts and the district attorney’s office, as well …

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    Walking your Dog on Cape Cod’s Beaches

      We asked Katrina Boucher, owner of The Cape Cod Dog, to keep us informed about where dog owners can walk their pets on the beach. Let’s face it: Playing fetch, swimming and just plain running is a perfect world. …

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  • fourtowersatmarconi

    How Cape Cod Made Communications History

    Today we picture Cape Cod as a haven for Fishing, Shell fishing, Vacationing, and as a world center for the arts.  But in the late 19th and early 20th century, Cape Cod was also a center for Communication Technology with …

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  • Cape Cod Nature Place Up Close and Personal

    See Cape Cod Creatures Up Close and Personal

    Cape Cod creatures Up close and personal By Donna Tunney A skate fish doing somersaults? It’s happened in the aquarium tide pool at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. “When the feeders came, and especially if our tide pool flounder …

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  • SpringFestivalHerding1Low

    Taylor-Bray Farm Spring Sheep Festival

    Here’s your chance to see how wool goes from the sheep to the sweater! At historic Taylor-Bray Farm’s annual Sheep Festival, visitors are treated to demonstrations of the ages-old arts of sheep herding, sheep shearing, wool spinning, blacksmithing, and open-hearth …

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  • Poison Ivy 1

    Keeping Poison Ivy at Arm’s Length

      By Jeanette Kerr “You’re gonna need an ocean Of calamine lotion…” Poison Ivy, The Drifters, 1959 Itchy PI rash on the upper arm There are two warnings we always give to sanctuary visitors: do regular tick checks and stay …

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  • A List of Cape Cod Farms

    A List of Cape Cod’s Many Farms

    A List of Cape Cod’s Many Farms Today, Cape Cod’s economy is sustained by tourism and home building. But, historically, agriculture was its mainstay. The Wampanoag tribe sustained itself on corn, beans and cranberries along with fish. As Europeans arrived here, …

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