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  • Brick walk 1

    A Perfect Path to the Garden

    At the heart of it, a garden path is very practical.  It provides direction to your guests by showing them the way to go, and it provides a level of safety by giving your guests a stable platform to walk …

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  • The Nasturtium - Pastiche of Cape Cod

    Design Tip: The Nasturtium…Nature’s Forgotten Fashion Genius

    The forgotten flower that is often overlooked…the Nasturtium.  This bright beauty brings a pop of color to any planter or window box.  Its striking orange bloom is contrasted by a silver-green leaf.  We all could learn a thing or two from nature.  Make a fashion statement and see …

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  • Architecture-in-the-Garden---Elaine-Johnson

    Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

    Design It and then Build It It is my belief that sound design and proper planning will prevent impulsive decisions, direct the program for installation in a timely and appropriate sequence and by the nature of the process save the …

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  • Create a strong visual impact with flower beds

    Instant Impact – Quickly Change Your Landscape with Flower Containers

    Flower containers An alternative to new plantings or construction By Mitch Harper With spring, you may look forward to the blooms of a favorite Magnolia tree, the vivid gold of forsythia, or the pastel colors of tulips. These welcome colors, …

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  • Powering Your Home Through Storm Outages

    Powering Your Home Through Storm Outages

    Powering your home through storm outages By Bernadette Braman After such a cruel winter and a July tropical storm whose winds gusted above 60 miles per hour, thoughts of a generator may be very much on your mind. If so, …

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  • Song_bird_perched_on_asphalt_shingle_roof

    The New World of Roofing

      Understand your first means of protection   Costs and warranties On Cape Cod, a basic 2,000-square-foot asphalt roof, installed by certified roofers, costs about $450 to $500 per 100 square feet, or about $9,000 to $10,000. More elaborate roofs, …

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  • Karen-and-Katie-1024x683

    Gardens have Meanings and Memories

           “Show me your garden and I will tell you who you are” _Alfred Austin   A few years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Saxton’s River, Vermont to attend a week long seminar given by …

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  • Wine-cellar-4

    How to Build Your Dream Wine Cellar at Home

    Planning Your Dream Wine Cellar By Matt Cole Wine cellars do not necessarily have to be large cavernous places as the name implies. A cellar project could be as small as a few cabinets, or a reach-in closet or a …

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  • 99pstores_diytools1

    How to Know When to Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years on the heels of popular home improvement shows and publications. And, for certain small projects, a DIY project can be rewarding and fun – if you are prepared and have …

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  • US_Navy_100809-N-8863V-043_A_construction_worker_installs_new_energy-efficient_windows_in_Bldg._519_at_Naval_Surface_Warfare_Center

    How to make your home more energy efficient

      Whether you’re interested in helping the environment or saving money on utilities, here are a few tips from Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects, Inc. to help make your home more energy efficient: Insulate – Adding new or additional …

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