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  • The New Coastal Home - Pastiche of Cape Cod

    The New Coastal Home

    The New Coastal Home By Irina MacPhee What is the New Coastal Home? The trend has changed to be more in keeping with individual tastes, personality and lifestyle.  Homeowners have a desire to take a risk and step out of …

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  • bigstock-Fall-Forest-Landscape-916043-650x280

    Living Life Well: Creating a Memory with Your Family

    Being a single mom of four small children for over 12 years, I often thought of ways to build new memories and traditions.  Every Thanksgiving my immediate and extended family would gather in Connecticut at Aunt Betty’s house. I suspect …

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  • State of the Cape by Mathew Cole of Cape Associates

    State of the Cape – Insights into the housing market

      Matthew Cole, president of Cape Associates, was asked to share his thoughts on the current housing market. This is one in a continuing series provided by Luxx  to provide you with insights behind the Cape economy. For a beachside community …

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  • bigstock-Keypad-771868-resized-600

    What to Look for in Home Automation

    What to look for in home automation By Steve Marchessault You already know that home automation is the best way to enjoy advanced security, comfort, convenience and energy savings at home. Now you need to decide what qualities are most important in …

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  • 9Norton94-1

    Preserving the Past, Designing for Today

      An Interview with Chris Dallmus of Design-Associates Inc.   What is your mission when you first meet clients? Chris: It’s very important for me to convey to new clients that it is they and they alone who make the …

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  • Brick walk 1

    A Perfect Path to the Garden

    At the heart of it, a garden path is very practical.  It provides direction to your guests by showing them the way to go, and it provides a level of safety by giving your guests a stable platform to walk …

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  • CarolPaula tiles

    Proper Planning: A Case History for Making Energy Decisions

    Proper planning: a case history for making energy decisions By Nicole Goldman A man and a woman walk into a design center, and the man says, “What do you know about geothermal?” This couple is going to build a new …

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  • Cutrona©-2014-04-Chris-Dias-MV-28-(2)

    Why Conduct a Home Energy Audit

    Why conduct a home energy audit By Richard J. Lorenzotti, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP With current economic realities, everyone is looking for a place to save money.  A good place to identify cost savings is in your home’s energy-consuming systems.  …

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  • Tilery

    Understanding Today’s Tile Market

      By Bert Czuchra of The Tilery at Tree’s Place     What are the different types of tiles available for use in today’s market?   Porcelain tiles are used for a variety of applications, especially floors, because they are …

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  • Upgrading your home - g green design

    Upgrading Your Home Investment Through Smart Remodeling

      ‘g’ Green Design  The current housing market is changing the landscape of home ownership in ways we could not have foretold even five to 10 years ago.  In contrast to the trading up and relocating frenzy of the past …

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