• Architecture-in-the-Garden---Elaine-Johnson

    Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

    Design It and then Build It It is my belief that sound design and proper planning will prevent impulsive decisions, direct the program for installation in a timely and appropriate sequence and by the nature of the process save the …

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  • 16 Silver McPhee Best NSFHome 2,500-6,000

    Luxx Partners Shine at the BRICC Awards

    Home building and remodeling inspirations Luxx Cape Cod, in partnership with the Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, showcase these 2014 BRICC award-winning new home construction and remodeling projects. We hope they offer you inspiration for the best Cape …

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  • The Winter Garden - Elaine Johnson

    The Winter Garden

      “What fascinates me about the garden in winter is that it is the true test of garden design…like a church in Lent, stripped of its furnishings, so that one falls back on the purity of the architecture, devoid of …

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  • Terrace-Idea_Henry-1024x678

    The Art of Exterior Design

                                                              The Art of Exterior Design _           …

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  • container 3

    With Summer, Revise Your Container Plantings

      By Elaine Johnson With the advent of summer weather, our color sense shifts from the pastels of spring and early summer to the vibrant hues of high summer. There is no better way to pump up your palette than …

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  • Gas-fired pit

    Planning Your Outdoor Room

      By Spencer Aaltonen, MCLP, MCA, MCH It’s almost that time of year again, summer on the Cape and South Coast. Gone are the cold days of winter, and we eagerly welcome the rising temperatures of spring. We are blessed …

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  • Plant a Seed - Why building a premium landscape starts now

    Planting a Seed – Why Building a Premium Landscape Starts Now

    Planting a Seed By Tracy Milot How many times have we put off planning a landscape project till warm weather arrives only to discover that we’ve “missed the window” of opportunity and needed to wait till next year? A garden …

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  • Flower Beds

    Create a Strong Visual Impact in Your Landscape with Flower Beds

        One simple way to create a strong visual impact in your landscape is to incorporate flower beds. By D. Schumacher Landscaping Well-designed flower beds bloom year-round and can brighten a home’s façade, decorate a fence line, disguise an …

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  • Cape Cod Christmas Tree - Schumacher Companies

    Decorating with Fresh Greens During the Holiday Season

    … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution. No other time of the year presents as wonderful an opportunity for decorating as the holiday season. And certainly no other holiday season utilizes as much live greenery in its decorations. …

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  • Schmieg13_0055

    Home & Garden – What’s Trending?

      By Mitch Harper   Lawn and garden spending is up for 2014 and bold colors, comfortable spaces, and value are at the top of our shopping lists. According to the Garden Media Group’s study on consumer spending last year, …

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