• 16 Silver McPhee Best NSFHome 2,500-6,000

    Luxx Partners Shine at the BRICC Awards

    Home building and remodeling inspirations Luxx Cape Cod, in partnership with the Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, showcase these 2014 BRICC award-winning new home construction and remodeling projects. We hope they offer you inspiration for the best Cape …

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  • Kitchen Space - Look Better Work Better

    Kitchen Space – Look Better, Work Better

    Kitchen space – look better, work better By Amy E. Britton CKD With entire television networks devoted to home improvement and decorating, along with dozens of Web sites and blogs, it may be tempting to forego using a professional designer …

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  • subzero

    Support Local, Fresh, Organic — Not Higher Energy Bills

    By Dave Murray As our customers at KAM Appliances become more aware of the food they eat—organic versus processed, locally grown versus shipped—they also are seeking ways to improve the life of the food they store, and improve energy conservation …

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  • Kam - PSDAB photo

    Ask the Expert – Pizza Ovens

    Ask the expert Can I facade my oven? Yes. You can facade your Wood Stone oven. Wood Stone Home ovens adapt beautifully to any decor, from the modern elegance of stainless steel or custom facades that can include brickwork, stonework …

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  • Aisha_bibi_tile_detail_two

    How to Maintain the Value of Natural Stone Tile

      By Bert Czuchra of The Tilery at Tree’s Place When using natural stone for a living space should I be concerned with the material becoming stained or discolored?                        …

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  • Meeting Your Design Goals - G Green Design Center

    Meeting Your Design Goals While Respecting the Environment

    Green kitchen inspirations Today, you can achieve your design goals, choose the highest-quality, durable products and also care about the environment. We asked Nicole Goldman, owner of ‘g’ Green Design Center in Masphee, to select five of her favorite Green …

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  • Tilery

    Understanding Today’s Tile Market

      By Bert Czuchra of The Tilery at Tree’s Place     What are the different types of tiles available for use in today’s market?   Porcelain tiles are used for a variety of applications, especially floors, because they are …

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  • Tilery 1

    Five Trendy Bathroom Upgrades

      Kinlin Grover Real Estate   Home website Houzz recently polled homeowners, asking what bathroom improvements they desired most. Many of the answers were both luxurious and affordable, and others were downright simple changes to make. Here are five hot …

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  • Not Your Cookie-Cutter Kitchen

    Not Your Cookie-Cutter Kitchen

      By Amy Britton I received a call last year from a woman who discovered us in Luxx. She owned an adorable home right on the water, and she shared very unique ideas about how she wanted to remodel her …

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  • The Best Wear Resistant Tiles

    The Best Wear Resistant Tiles

      By Bert Czuchra of The Tilery at Tree’s Place How do I find out which tiles are the best when it comes to wear resistance? The wear rating of a tile is its most important factor. The wear rating …

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