• Cutrona-¬-2014-04 Chris Dias MV-20

    Where Indoors Meets Outdoors

      Architect Chuck Sullivan and his wife spent a summer in the beach house. So, when a couple who just purchased the nealry 100-year-old property asked him to remodel their home, it was a unique opportunity. “The goal was to …

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    Painting to Protect Your Home from Cape Cod’s Weather

      By John Bommhardt Painting your home’s exterior on Cape Cod is about more than aesthetics. The right paints and techniques will go a long way toward protecting your residence from the harsh impacts of salt water, mildew, sun, vapors …

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  • Holiday Decorating Flowers Schumacher Companies

    The Perfect Flowers for Holiday Decorations

    Although its status as the most popular potted plant in the US is not in jeopardy, the poinsettia is being hurt by its own ubiquitous nature.  Quite simply, poinsettias have become too commonplace and consumers are now looking for new …

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  • Pastiche of Cape Cod, Inc.

    Along Historic Route 6a -Pastiche of Cape Cod

    Pastiche of Cape Cod www.pasticheofcapecod.com Pastiche of Cape Cod, owned and managed by Irina MacPhee, an award-winning interior designer, is located in a former residence now converted into a cozy showroom exhibiting furnishings and accessories for the living room to …

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  • G Green Revisiting a Kutchen and Bath

    Reinvisioning a Kitchen and Bath

    Reinvisioning a kitchen and bath By Nicole Goldman Before The cabinets were vintage 1970’s. Serviceable but not very exciting. The island was vast, swallowing up everything around it. While the bay window provided some nice light and a good view, …

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  • 569015-1024wh (1)

    Choosing a Paint Color and Finish for Your Home

    Choosing a paint color and finish for your home can be a daunting task. The Barnstable Painter makes this easy for you by providing in-home color design consultants. They will assess the types of lighting present in each space, determine …

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  • Pastiche of Cape Cod - What's Your Style?

    What’s Your Style? Take the Quiz.

    Which styles capture your imagination? New England This design style has a universal appeal, and was inspired by designs such as French Country and English Floral designs. New England Country eschews the formal so guests are never afraid to drink …

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  • Upgrading your home - g green design

    Upgrading Your Home Investment Through Smart Remodeling

      ‘g’ Green Design  The current housing market is changing the landscape of home ownership in ways we could not have foretold even five to 10 years ago.  In contrast to the trading up and relocating frenzy of the past …

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  • Pastiche-Cover

    A Designer’s Touch

      Spend the day touring the shops of the Cape’s finest interior designers. Whether your taste is for custom or casual, classic or contemporary, you’ll find high-quality furniture and gorgeous accessories to accent your Cape Cod home. Each shop also …

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  • The New Coastal Home - Pastiche of Cape Cod

    The New Coastal Home

    The New Coastal Home By Irina MacPhee What is the New Coastal Home? The trend has changed to be more in keeping with individual tastes, personality and lifestyle.  Homeowners have a desire to take a risk and step out of …

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