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  • Gail-ORourke

    Tips on Custom Woodworking

      Gail O’Rourke, owner of White Wood Kitchens in Sandwich and our Luxx Remodeler, takes you on a visit to the lumber yard to learn about some of the richest and most attractive woods for custom woodworking. Click here to watch.  

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  • IMG_0766

    How to Maintain Your Roll Shutters

      Shade and Shutter Systems Metal roller shutters may collect dust and debris over time. It is important to check your installation regularly to make sure you are prepared when storms come rolling up our coast. The key is not to …

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  • 16 Silver McPhee Best NSFHome 2,500-6,000

    McPhee Associates, Inc. – Award-Winning Inspirations

    Luxx partner McPhee Associates, Inc. took home 3 Gold Awards at the 2014 BRICC Awards. You can see the winning designs below, and contact McPhee for insight into what they do and how they can help you build and design your …

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  • 3D 2

    3-D Design is a Sea Change for New Homes, Remodels and Additions

      By Rob McPhee Now when we meet with a client to discuss a new home construction, remodel or addition, we can share a virtual three-dimensional, precise depiction of their project. Software technology has changed the way we design, collaborate …

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  • Gail-O'Rourke

    Helpful hints for Hiring and Managing a Remodeler

      Not everyone can be their own remodeler. So here’s some helpful hints for hiring and managing a professional remodeler.   The pre-construction meeting One way to ensure the success of your project is to plan for and actively participate …

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  • 4746721116_ec02afd0c5

    A Commitment to Green Building

      Although all things green are the latest trend in a broad and diverse construction industry, Cape Associates’ commitment to energy efficient, sustainable construction (green building) on Cape Cod is as old as our roots. In the early 1970′s soon …

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  • Gail O'Rourke

    Gail O’Rourke – A Passion for Woodworking, an Eye for Business

      If it wasn’t her chosen profession, it would be her passionate avocation. It’s the precision, teamwork and pride that drive her work. With a business background, this mother of three might seem out of place on the floor of …

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  • Song_bird_perched_on_asphalt_shingle_roof

    The New World of Roofing

      Understand your first means of protection   Costs and warranties On Cape Cod, a basic 2,000-square-foot asphalt roof, installed by certified roofers, costs about $450 to $500 per 100 square feet, or about $9,000 to $10,000. More elaborate roofs, …

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  • Stonewood Products

    Building an Outdoor Kitchen

    Outdoor kitchens Outdoor kitchens now include almost everything for preparing and serving food and drink during the day or after dark. Whatever your pleasure, it is now available for outdoor cooking and entertaining A full outdoor kitchen includes a built-in …

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  • US_Navy_100809-N-8863V-043_A_construction_worker_installs_new_energy-efficient_windows_in_Bldg._519_at_Naval_Surface_Warfare_Center

    How to make your home more energy efficient

      Whether you’re interested in helping the environment or saving money on utilities, here are a few tips from Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects, Inc. to help make your home more energy efficient: Insulate – Adding new or additional …

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