• Cottage

    Cottage Living

      Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects Like many extended families, the one we focus on here enjoys spending time together, especially in the summer on Cape Cod. For years they all fit comfortably in a large house in the …

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  • Loewen-1

    Decoding Energy Efficient Lingo

    Decoding Energy Efficient Lingo The terminology for energy-efficient homes can be very technical and confusing to home owners. Here are some simple definitions to help you understand popular energy-saving options for your home.   Energy-Efficient Home A home that uses …

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  • Cutrona©-2014-04-Chris-Dias-MV-28-(2)

    Why Conduct a Home Energy Audit

    Why conduct a home energy audit By Richard J. Lorenzotti, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP With current economic realities, everyone is looking for a place to save money.  A good place to identify cost savings is in your home’s energy-consuming systems.  …

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  • Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

    Pilgrim Monument – A Century Old, Now Restored with 21st Century Technology

    Coastal Engineering Upward of 10 million other people have done it. You can, too! Climbing to the top of the Provincetown Monument ends with the reward of a newly-enhanced panoramic, 360-degree view across the tip of Cape Cod, but the …

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  • Hyannis-11

    Home Remodeling Ideas: To renovate or build new?

      By Richard Fenuccio   One of the more challenging situations a buyer or owner of residential or commercial property faces is the decision to renovate or raze and rebuild their existing building. Does the buyer/owner improve or add-on to …

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  • How safe photo

    When You Work with Mass Save®

    When you work with Mass Save® If you own your own home or live in a building with 1 to 4 dwelling units, you can schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with a Mass Save® Energy Specialist by calling 866-527-SAVE …

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  • Design Associates

    Some Green Reasons to Renovate

      By Chris Dallmus Construction and demolition waste constitutes about 40 percent of the total solid waste stream in the United States. Simply stated, the reuse of existing buildings versus building new structures is one of the most effective strategies …

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  • Chris Dallmus Corbin-Nortin House

    Developing a Budget for Designing and Building Your Dream Project

      Developing a budget for designing and building your dream project Talking with your architect about your construction budget may be, in your minds, a private matter. But you need to tell your architect of your financial limits so that …

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  • Silva7

    Meet Chris Dallmus and Design Associates Inc.

      Whether new construction, historic restoration, or renovation/adaptive reuse, Design Associates’ approach frees each client and project from dogmatic formulas and lets architectural design excellence thrive. Practical, workable, and buildable alternatives are set forth in response to client input at …

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  • 16 Silver McPhee Best NSFHome 2,500-6,000

    Luxx Partners Shine at the BRICC Awards

    Home building and remodeling inspirations Luxx Cape Cod, in partnership with the Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, showcase these 2014 BRICC award-winning new home construction and remodeling projects. We hope they offer you inspiration for the best Cape …

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