• Replacing Windows - Marvin Gallery

    How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Home: Buy New and Replacing Old

    Choosing the right window for your home If your windows have seen better days, replacing them with energy efficient, double pane windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills while adding value and curb appeal to your home. However, …

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  • Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

    Pilgrim Monument – A Century Old, Now Restored with 21st Century Technology

    Coastal Engineering Upward of 10 million other people have done it. You can, too! Climbing to the top of the Provincetown Monument ends with the reward of a newly-enhanced panoramic, 360-degree view across the tip of Cape Cod, but the …

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  • Vernal Equinox

    Awaiting the Vernal Equinox

    “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day …

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  • g-green-kitchen-resized

    Transform Your Kitchen and Bath to a Space That Inspires Living Well

    Transform your kitchen and bath to a space that inspires living well By Nicole Goldman The experience of renovating or creating a new kitchen or bath is exciting, yet stressful; complicated, yet full of potential for transforming your home. It can …

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  • Design Associates

    Some Green Reasons to Renovate

      By Chris Dallmus Construction and demolition waste constitutes about 40 percent of the total solid waste stream in the United States. Simply stated, the reuse of existing buildings versus building new structures is one of the most effective strategies …

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  • 4746721116_ec02afd0c5

    A Commitment to Green Building

      Although all things green are the latest trend in a broad and diverse construction industry, Cape Associates’ commitment to energy efficient, sustainable construction (green building) on Cape Cod is as old as our roots. In the early 1970′s soon …

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  • 24Norton2005Progress-4

    Restorative Renovation

      By Chris Dallmus Most of the so-called historic building restorations of today are not, quite simply,  restorations. Look closely and you’ll see that, unless the restoration is being done by a museum, the buildings are being modified to work …

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  • Building - Three season room photo

    The Three-Season Room

      By Rob McPhee The owners wanted a new home, but one that had an old look, exuding the charm of Cape Cod’s nautical past. When it came to their three-season room, the floor is constructed from mahogany decking and …

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  • Cottage

    Cottage Living

      Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber Architects Like many extended families, the one we focus on here enjoys spending time together, especially in the summer on Cape Cod. For years they all fit comfortably in a large house in the …

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  • Elaine Johnson - Extending the Season

    Extending the Season

                       “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.
~ Lao Tzu Now that the temperatures have fallen gardeners start turning their thoughts to indoor activities. Yes, there still remains a few outdoor must …

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