• Protect Your Home Away From Home with Roll Down Shutters

    Protect Your Home…Away From Home – Deploy Roll Down Shutters with Your iPhone

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and winter storm, Nemo, many Cape Codders are considering the value of investing in rolling shutters to protect their homes. This same technology which safeguards homes from Nor’easters, wind, sun, UV rays and blasting …

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  • 99pstores_diytools1

    How to Know When to Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years on the heels of popular home improvement shows and publications. And, for certain small projects, a DIY project can be rewarding and fun – if you are prepared and have …

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  • 16 Silver McPhee Best NSFHome 2,500-6,000

    McPhee Associates, Inc. – Award-Winning Inspirations

    Luxx partner McPhee Associates, Inc. took home 3 Gold Awards at the 2014 BRICC Awards. You can see the winning designs below, and contact McPhee for insight into what they do and how they can help you build and design your …

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  • Linkopings_stadsbibliotek_roof2

    Four Tips to Hire a Skilled Roofing Contractor

      Kinlin Grover Real Estate Purchasing a new roof is one of the most important – and biggest – investments you can make in your home. That’s why it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable professional on hand to guide you …

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  • Elaine Johnson Landscape Design

    Arbor Day Commenorative

     Plant a Tree April is the month that gardeners consider perhaps the ‘cruelest” to evoke an oft repeated sentiment. We get teased with sunny, milder days and our spirits soar as we dig in the dirt and observe the emerging …

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  • Hakatai_mosaic_glass_tile_mural

    Which Size Tile is Right for Me?

      By Bert Czuchra of The Tilery at Tree’s Place     Are there certain sizes of tile that I should use for certain areas or applications? Larger format tiles are generally used in floor applications but in recent years …

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  • Design Associates

    Some Green Reasons to Renovate

      By Chris Dallmus Construction and demolition waste constitutes about 40 percent of the total solid waste stream in the United States. Simply stated, the reuse of existing buildings versus building new structures is one of the most effective strategies …

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  • Replacing Windows - Marvin Gallery

    How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Home: Buy New and Replacing Old

    Choosing the right window for your home If your windows have seen better days, replacing them with energy efficient, double pane windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills while adding value and curb appeal to your home. However, …

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  • Elaine-Johnson-The-Picket-Line

    The Picket Line

    The other day as I was riding through my neighborhood I marveled at all the different styles of picket fence that adorn our Cape Cod traditional architecture. Certainly the picket fence is quintessentially “Cape Cod” as it is a perfect …

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  • Seaport-Shutter-Company

    Along Historic Route 6a – Seaport Shutter Company

    Seaport Shutter Company At the intersection of Rt. 6A and Rt. 139, the Seaport Shutter Company most days will be displaying custom-made Adirondack Chairs along the sidewalk. In addition to these, the company owner can be found most days in …

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