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    How to Maintain Your Roll Shutters

      Shade and Shutter Systems Metal roller shutters may collect dust and debris over time. It is important to check your installation regularly to make sure you are prepared when storms come rolling up our coast. The key is not to …

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    Aging in place – Homeowners work with builders to rethink design as they grow older

    Aging in place Homeowners work with builders to rethink design as they grow older The older economy In 2010, disposable income for Americans age 50 and over was $3 trillion. This huge demographic group accounted for almost one half of all …

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  • Which Decking Product is Right for You?

    Which Decking Product is Right for Your Project?

    Which decking product is right for your project? Pressure-treated wood This is the standard, and despite so much competition from new materials,about three of every four decks built still rely on press-treated lumber. It’s the most affordable option, and it …

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  • Abrams Pool_2011

    The Art of Exterior Design

      By Elaine Johnson Cape Codders love spending time outdoors, and more people are treating outdoor spaces on their properties as true extensions of their homes, turning porches, pools,patios, decks, and gardens into outdoor living spaces that serve the same …

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  • Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0028

    How to Properly String Holiday Lights on a Deciduous Tree

    Stringing holiday lights on a deciduous tree   Step One: Start at the bottom. Tie your first strand to the trunk using a loose knot.   Step Two: Tightly wrap the trunk. The larger the trunk, the greater the space …

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    Preserving the Past, Designing for Today

      An Interview with Chris Dallmus of Design-Associates Inc.   What is your mission when you first meet clients? Chris: It’s very important for me to convey to new clients that it is they and they alone who make the …

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  • Lawn Photo

    How to Have a Lush Green Lawn

      The Grass is Always Greener on the Healthier Side A lush green lawn like this one is a delicate balancing act involving the type of grass, the amounts of food & water, and even mowing methods. What happens when …

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  • Vernal Equinox

    Awaiting the Vernal Equinox

    “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day …

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    How to Know When to Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years on the heels of popular home improvement shows and publications. And, for certain small projects, a DIY project can be rewarding and fun – if you are prepared and have …

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  • The Nasturtium - Pastiche of Cape Cod

    Design Tip: The Nasturtium…Nature’s Forgotten Fashion Genius

    The forgotten flower that is often overlooked…the Nasturtium.  This bright beauty brings a pop of color to any planter or window box.  Its striking orange bloom is contrasted by a silver-green leaf.  We all could learn a thing or two from nature.  Make a fashion statement and see …

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