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  • Winter Storm Prep - Your Home's Interior

    Winter Safety Tips for Children

    Winter Safety Tips for Children   By Cynthia M. Johnson, MA When the temperature drops and snow is on the ground, your children can still benefit from some outdoor physical activity. All it takes is a little extra planning to …

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  • Koko-FitClub

    The Key is Koko FitClub

      Your Koko Key is truly the key to your entire experience. It accesses any of our five clubs on the Cape and more than 130 other locations in 29 states 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It …

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  • capecod_24607393511

    Heart Attack

    Heart Attack A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is interrupted. Oxygen cannot get to the heart muscle, causing tissue damage or tissue death. A heart attack may be caused by: Thickening of the walls of …

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  • Setting Fitness Goals

    Setting Fitness Goals

      By Krisha McCoy, MS The first thing you should do when starting a fitness program is ask yourself some questions that will help you figure out what your fitness goals are. Here are some questions to get you started: …

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  • Improve

    Ask The Bird Folks- Improving the Quality of Your Life

      Welcome from the Birdwatchers General Store in Orleans Dear Bird Folks, An edition of U.S. News and World Report had an extensive article entitled “50 Ways to Improve your Life.” One suggestion that surprised me was that we should take …

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  • 5726470040_229923423a

    Staying in Shape as You Age

      By Elizabeth Smoots, MD Will you be hale and hearty in your golden years or dependent on others? The answer greatly depends on how physically active you are. Many older Americans do not get enough exercise to maintain good …

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  • Personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_way

    Motivation to Exercise: Where It Comes From and How to Maintain It

      By Chris Dunkerly   Why are some people able to fulfill their exercise goals, while others flounder aimlessly? Jim gets up every morning at 6:00 am and runs five miles, rain or shine. Joe, on the other hand, plans …

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  • 4284212351_55c34c154f

    Talk to Doctor Before Starting an Exercise Program ?

    By Mary Calvagna, MSFor many people, starting an exercise program for the first time is quite safe. But depending on your age and whether you have certain cardiovascular risk factors, you may need to see your doctor before starting a …

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  • capecod_22933188228

    The Benefits and Risks of Walking Versus Running

    The Benefits and Risks of Walking Versus RunningYour coworker swears by her morning runs. Your neighbor claims to get all the exercise she needs by walking. So is one better than the other? The answer is a personal one. Both …

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  • Women's Wellness - Cape Cod Healthcare

    Women’s Wellness

    Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Weight Sun Protection From Your Clothes? The American Heart Association’s Guidelines for Women Therapies to Quit Smoking

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