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  • Interior_Monterey_Bay_Aquarium_by_Cam_Vilay

    Eating fish is more complicated than you think

    Eating fish is more complicated than you think By Betsy Wild Fish is not a health food, according to Dr. Joel Furhman, a board-certified family physician, NY Times best-selling author, nutritional researcher, and an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural …

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  • Styrofoam_peanuts

    What’s wrong with Styrofoam?

    What’s wrong with Styrofoam? By Betsy Betsy Wild A lot!  Styrofoam, the trademark name of the Dow Chemical Company for polystyrene foam, and used for disposable cups and plates, food packaging, mailing material, appliance packaging and lots more, is manufactured from …

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  • Cedrus_-_a_drop_of_oil

    Bug Killing Cedar Oil

    Bug Killing Cedar Oil By Betsy Wild One of my pet loving readers recently told me about CedarCide all natural, organic pet animal products whose base is non-toxic cedar oil. She swears by their shampoo, which leaves her Great Dane’s …

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  • img89c

    Paper napkins or cloth

    Paper napkins or cloth By Betsy Wild “In a Gentle Way You Can Shake the World.” – Gandhi When I came across this wonderful quote, I started thinking about gentle changes that positively impact the earth.  One such change is …

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  • HomeComposting_Roubaix_Fr59


    Composting By Betsy Wild Composting means recycling organic material to the soil, which produced the organic material in the first place.  The byproduct is compost, or decomposed plant matter that turns into a dark, soil-like humus and makes an incredibly …

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  • Soul_Food_Farm_chickens

    Steroid-free chicken

    Steroid-free chicken By Betsy Wild Read carefully the above menu description for Five Spice Chicken.  Does this  strike anyone else as weird and unappetizing?  While I’m pleased the chicken is steroid and antibiotic free, what a commentary that we have to …

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  • Teebeutel_Polylactid_2009

    What is compost tea?

    What is compost tea? By Betsy Wild Tea is tasty, nutritious, medicinal and “hot” right now.  So is compost tea for your lawn, trees, gardens and shrubs! What is compost tea? Compost tea is a natural organic fertilizer made from …

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  • Olive_Oil_Bar

    Oil pulling

    Oil pulling By Betsy Wild I recently discovered oil pulling.  Oil what? Oil pulling is an age-old remedy started in India thousands of years ago that uses oil to clean, detoxify, and nourish teeth and gums; it also whitens teeth. …

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  • Grass_lawn

    Organic lawns

    Organic lawns By Betsy Wild About this time of year, we’ve had enough of winter and are anxious to start gardening and working on the lawn. There are lots of creative options for lawns and now is the time to …

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  • No_name_sans_nom_baking_soda

    Gardening with baking soda

    Gardening with baking soda By Betsy Wild Cheap, effective and OG (the original “green”), baking soda bakes, cleans, heals, disinfects, scrubs, deodorizes, exfoliates, and brightens just about everything in the home.  But did you know baking soda works in the …

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