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  • Elaeis_guineensis_MS_3467

    Red Palm Oil

    Red Palm Oil By Betsy Wild I use a variety of oils. Olive oil for salads, salad dressings and even washing my face like they do in Greece; grape seed oil for sautéing and roasting; coconut oil for cooking, baking, …

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  • Coconut_farm

    The wonders of coconut oil

    The wonders of coconut oil By Betsy Wild Have you discovered the wonders of coconut oil?  For years, we’ve been told  that coconut oil is bad for you, but the reality is coconut oil has just the right kinds of fats, …

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  • MIN_Rungis_fruits_et_legumes

    Benefits of Bulk Buying

    Benefits of Bulk Buying By Betsy Wild Bulk food buying is the hallmark of eco-conscious consumers.  Buying in bulk doesn’t just mean buying huge quantities of items to save money, which makes sense for staples like toilet paper and paper …

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  • Cedrus_-_a_drop_of_oil

    Bug Killing Cedar Oil

    Bug Killing Cedar Oil By Betsy Wild One of my pet loving readers recently told me about CedarCide all natural, organic pet animal products whose base is non-toxic cedar oil. She swears by their shampoo, which leaves her Great Dane’s …

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