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  • Cape Cod Christmas Tree - Schumacher Companies

    Decorating with Fresh Greens During the Holiday Season

    … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution. No other time of the year presents as wonderful an opportunity for decorating as the holiday season. And certainly no other holiday season utilizes as much live greenery in its decorations. …

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  • Do's and Don'ts of Landscape Lighting - photo taken at Wequassett Resort on Cape Cod in MA

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Landscape Lighting

    Photos taken by Schumacher Companies at the Wequassett Resort in Harwich. Landscape lighting involves more than just focusing lights on trees or along walkways.  At its most basic this may be true, but a well-designed system provides benefits far beyond …

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  • Increase Garden Yield on Cape Cod

    Increase Your Garden’s Yield of Fruits and Vegetables Without Dangerous Chemicals

    The Healthy Garden By Tracy Milot There has been an explosion in the growth of small home gardens in the last five years. In 2008, the number of homes with a vegetable garden was approximately 36 million. Each year since then …

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  • McCues Holiday 2014_Nov182014_0117

    A Gathering of Wreaths

    A Gathering of Wreaths … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution. Wreath design has expanded to include a variety of plant material. Broadleaf greens such as rhododendron, boxwood, laurel, English Ivy, and even citrus leaves are being used …

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  • Halloween on Cape Cod

    Halloween on Cape Cod – Everything You Need to Know

    Happy Halloween The Luxx Concierge helps you plan your Halloween festivities. Barnstable The Barnstable Village Walking Ghost Tours occur most evenings but for the Halloween season, it’s especially fun. It’s a three-hour walkng tour of the village’s haunted sites hosted …

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  • Lawn Photo

    How to Have a Lush Green Lawn

      The Grass is Always Greener on the Healthier Side A lush green lawn like this one is a delicate balancing act involving the type of grass, the amounts of food & water, and even mowing methods. What happens when …

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  • Flower Beds

    Create a Strong Visual Impact in Your Landscape with Flower Beds

        One simple way to create a strong visual impact in your landscape is to incorporate flower beds. By D. Schumacher Landscaping Well-designed flower beds bloom year-round and can brighten a home’s façade, decorate a fence line, disguise an …

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  • Create a strong visual impact with flower beds

    Instant Impact – Quickly Change Your Landscape with Flower Containers

    Flower containers An alternative to new plantings or construction By Mitch Harper With spring, you may look forward to the blooms of a favorite Magnolia tree, the vivid gold of forsythia, or the pastel colors of tulips. These welcome colors, …

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  • Holiday tree lighting demo_Nov042014_0028

    How to Properly String Holiday Lights on a Deciduous Tree

    Stringing holiday lights on a deciduous tree   Step One: Start at the bottom. Tie your first strand to the trunk using a loose knot.   Step Two: Tightly wrap the trunk. The larger the trunk, the greater the space …

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  • Holiday Decorating Flowers Schumacher Companies

    The Perfect Flowers for Holiday Decorations

    Although its status as the most popular potted plant in the US is not in jeopardy, the poinsettia is being hurt by its own ubiquitous nature.  Quite simply, poinsettias have become too commonplace and consumers are now looking for new …

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