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  • Vernal Equinox

    Awaiting the Vernal Equinox

    “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day …

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  • Elaine-Johnson-The-Picket-Line

    The Picket Line

    The other day as I was riding through my neighborhood I marveled at all the different styles of picket fence that adorn our Cape Cod traditional architecture. Certainly the picket fence is quintessentially “Cape Cod” as it is a perfect …

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  • Elaine Johnson Landscape Design

    Enter My Gardens

    Enter My Gardens. My Approach To assure the best results for my clients, my services rely on the importance of a cohesive, unified team approach. I believe that for any project to be truly successful, the landscape designer, architect, interior …

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  • Trio-Whimsey

    Let’s Contain It

    ” The Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers “ This month is very, very busy as so many outdoor tasks and household must dos are crying for our attention. It may mean painting, cleaning out garages for that sale, power washing the …

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  • WElcome-Home-1024x710

    Curb Appeal Up Front and Personal

    Curb Appeal Up Front and Personal This year February still finds us in the grip of Winter and, as gardeners, we are probably getting cabin fever and aching to get outside, dirty our hands and start that Spring clean up. …

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  • David-Kelly-House

    The Christmas Stroll

    Each Christmas the villages on Cape Cod celebrate the season with strolls down the Main streets of each community. The Cape is divided in to thirteen towns and within each town are the charming villages. The oldest village is Sandwich …

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  • Elaine Johnson Landscape Design

    Arbor Day Commenorative

     Plant a Tree April is the month that gardeners consider perhaps the ‘cruelest” to evoke an oft repeated sentiment. We get teased with sunny, milder days and our spirits soar as we dig in the dirt and observe the emerging …

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  • The Winter Garden - Elaine Johnson

    The Winter Garden

      “What fascinates me about the garden in winter is that it is the true test of garden design…like a church in Lent, stripped of its furnishings, so that one falls back on the purity of the architecture, devoid of …

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  • Abrams Pool_2011

    The Art of Exterior Design

      By Elaine Johnson Cape Codders love spending time outdoors, and more people are treating outdoor spaces on their properties as true extensions of their homes, turning porches, pools,patios, decks, and gardens into outdoor living spaces that serve the same …

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  • Architecture-in-the-Garden---Elaine-Johnson

    Architecture in the Garden

    “The elements of garden architecture—paths, walls, gates, fences, terraces, sheds, lighting, furniture, waterworks, and art—together form the backbone of any well-designed garden.” _James von Sweden_Architecture in the Garden   The lovely home pictured below is enhanced by the addition of …

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