• Authentic Indian food in the Most Unlikely of Cape Places

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    Kebab n Curry
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    Authentic Indian food in the most unlikely of Cape places

    Let’s be fair and honest. There are great restaurants on the Cape, but when it comes to authentic ethnic cuisine, it’s a bit of a reach.

    That’s why this Luxx Concierge was so pleased to discover a brand new Indian restaurant in the most unlikely of locations – smack in the middle of Cape Cod Mall’s food court.

    This is no national chain or franchise. It’s the new creation of a young entrepreneur and his family called Kebab n Curry, and the food is prepared right on the premises daily.

    The range of influences in the dishes is impressive: Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Vegan, Himalyan and Nepalese. In addition, the “fast-food” restaurant features breakfast and brunch dishes. It also serves authentic Indian beverages along with the standard menu of sodas and fruit drinks.

    Luxx asked Ramrasik Raman, who likes to be called Ram, to share his story:

    “I was born in India, and came to the United States when I was seven. I grew up most of my life in Burlington, and I currently an a senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell studying information technology.

    “So you might be wonder how I got into the restaurant business. If anyone has ever tried Indian food, one thing they know is that there’s a lot of texture/taste to it. In other words a lot of different spices are being used while preparing Indian food, which is not only healthy but gives the food its authentic taste.

    “If you remember back to history class, Columbus was trying to find India to obtain these spices and bring them back to Europe, but he ended up finding a whole different country – which isn’t a bad trade at all.

    “But, if he had found India and bought back the spices, modern-day food could have been totally different than what we Americans are used to today. So with that in mind,  I and my family – in hopes decided to start this restaurant. And Cape Cod was one of the best locations we found.

    “I mean there are a lot of Indian food places if you go down to Boston, but barely on the Cape.  We thought Cape Cod Mall would be an ideal location to help us spread the word. And it hasn’t disappointed.

    “There were a lot of people who are looking for something different on the Cape, food with a bit of a punch, featuring different aromatic flavors and spices.

    “Kebab n Curry features traditional homemade Indian cuisines, gluten free, no preservatives or GMOs – perks of homemade food. We also have some 10 different types of freshly baked tandoori breads.”

    This Luxx Concierge hates to shop, so the mall has never been a destination. No longer. There are some days when I have a few minutes to catch lunch, and I will run in to see Ram and get takeout to eat in the car before my next appointment.

    Here is a photo gallery depicting the variety of Kebab n Curry’s menu. You also can visit Ram at his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kebabncurry.

    You can reach Ram and his family at 508-771-4420 or email kebancurry@gmail.com

    October 05, 2014