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    Welcome to luxxcapecod.com

    We’re your virtual Cape Cod.

    Rely on our Concierge, who is Always at Your Service – from dining and wine to art galleries and birding.

    Connect with our many businesses and organizations across the Cape based on your Interests – from Home & Design to Outdoors & Play, from Health to Wealth.

    Create your own My Luxx Living board where you can save all your favorite articles, photos, videos and more. Just register with us. It’s all complimentary. Always.

    You can enjoy luxxcapecod.com on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It’s with you all the time.

    Behind luxxcapecod.com is a team of devoted Cape Codders:

    Irina McPhee, irina@luxxcapecod.com
    Christopher Houghton, christopher@luxxcapecod.com

    Luxx Categories

    You can find Luxx Categories in two places. At the top of the home page in the navigation bar. Move your mouse over the Categories and a menu will appear. You also can scroll down the home page and discover the clickable icons.

    There are 11 categories to enjoy:  Appetite, Arts, Health, Home & Design, Hospitality, Play & Outdoors, Luxury Properties, Sights & Sounds, The Shops, Wealth, Weddings & Events.

    Each category has its own page where you will discover related stories and businesses for easy navigation.

    Each story can be saved to My Luxx Living, or shared to multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Houzz, Linked-in and more.  You also can email an article.

    Luxx Communities

    You can find Luxx Communities at the top of the home page in the navigation bar. Move your mouse over the Communties and a menu will appear. Our communities include: Birding, Boating, Dining, Galleries, Golf, Sommelier,  MuseumsTheater and Sights & Sounds. More are on the way. Our community organizers either are business partners or our own “maven,” experts in their fields.

    We encourage you to suggest new communities, and to get involved yourself by sharing your recommendations and experiences. You can do that either by emailing us at concierge@luxxcapecod.com or Ask the Expert .

    Luxx Directory

    You can find the Luxx Directory at the top of the home page in the navigation bar. Move your mouse over the Directory and a menu will appear. This is an easy way to find all our business and organization partners by category. Each partner has its own Luxx page with articles, photos, video, maps, profiles and more.

    You also can discover our business partners and organization at the right of each Category page.

    My Luxx Living

    This is your personal board to collect and save all your favorite articles, photos, and videos.

    Here, you also will be able to access Always at Your Service, our concierge, who will constantly be sharing special experiences, places, things to do and events for your convenience.

    Register for My Luxx Living

    You register on the home page. All you need to do is type in your email address. You will be prompted to create your unique user name and password.  After that, just log in.

    When logged in, you can begin using and managing My Luxx Living.

    My Luxx Living is easy and intuitive. You will see “Add to My Luxx Living” beside every story.  Click “Add to My Luxx Living,” and a form will appear. When you hit “Add to Collection,” the article will be filed at your My Luxx Living page.

    You also can manage My Luxx Living by creating categories to file your articles. To create additional categories, click “New Collection” before clicking “Add to Collection.”

    You can create multiple categories for easy filing and reference as you wish.

    My Luxx Living always is free and accessible with only your email address.

    Concierge Calendar

    Consider us the Concierge Desk at your favorite Cape Cod resort. Our team of experts and concierges are constantly seeking out the most interesting events and activities on Cape Cod, including special opportunities and sales by our partners.

    We work diligently to help you navigate the thousands of events occurring every month across the Cape. In many cases, we share lots of details and tips on how to get the most out of these events and activities.

    While you will find many events each day, the concierge also selects one opportunity daily to feature off the home page.

    We encourage you to share your interests and requests so we can seek out the best  events and activities to share with you, your friends and family.

    Click See More Eventsto go to our Concierge Calendar. There, you will discover a list by day. But you also can search by Month or Week.

    If you search by “Map,” you will discover numerous sites for easy directions to selected events.  You also can click “Photo” to find selected events.

    Individual calendar listings will provide you with time, location (including a map) and links to other websites for more information. In many cases, our concierges have chosen to share photos and more details themselves. If you need more information, email us at concierge@luxxcapecod.com

    Ask the Expert

    You will discover this prompt throughout luxxcapecod.com – especially at every Interest category page and beside every article. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with us and/or our business partners and community leaders.

    When you Ask the Expert on an Interest category page, your communication goes to every partner in that category.

    When you Ask the Expert while reading a specific article, your communication goes specifically to that author.  If you do not receive a response, please email us at concierge@luxxcapecod.com and we will check for you.

    How to Register and Log In

    It’s an easy one-step process. You will find the log in (and one-time registration field) across the main photo on the top of the home page.

    To register: Just give us your email address and you will find a form to establish your user name and password for future visits.

    When you register, you also will receive our Luxx Newsletter keeping you informed about what’s happening at luxxcapeccod.com.

    Your unique user name and password also will give you access to the digital issue of Luxx Cape Cod Magazine and to the Luxx Club coming later this summer.

    Always at Your Service

    You will find Always at Your Service at the top of the Community menu. We’re here to share our best ideas and selections to enhance your Cape Cod experience.

    We will be very responsive to your requests. In addition, we watch what is trending at luxxcapecod.com to guide our future articles, recommendations and selections. Email us at concierge@luxxcapecod.com.

    Luxx Newsletter

    Expect to receive our Luxx Newsletter twice a month. We’ll highlight the latest content appearing at luxxcapecod.com including upcoming events and special opportunities. Share by forwarding to your friends, family and associates. You can register by providing your email address to receive the Luxx Newlsetter on the home page.

    Luxx Club

    Please register with your email address in advance of the Luxx Club’s arrival this summer. Here you can discover special sales, opportunities and incentives from our many business partners. Print them out, download them, email them or go directly to partner’s websites. We also can alert you to special events and opportunities.

    Luxx Cape Cod Magazine

    Luxx Cape Cod Magazine is published every May. Now, it appears as a digital edition at luxxcapecod.com. It’s more than a magazine. You will be able to link to hundreds of locations and businesses right from the magazine’s pages.

    To enjoy the magazine, you can register on the home page by providing your email address.

    How to reach us

    It’s simple, just email us at concierge@luxxcapecod.com.

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