• 5 Things to Do on Cape Cod That Don’t Directly Involve Restaurants, Whale Watches, or Going to the Beach

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    When you think of the Cape, you think of a short list of things immediately. You think of the beach, you think of whale watches, your favorite restaurants, seafood, etc. While these are all essential and outstanding ways to experience Cape Cod, there are other unique and enriching experiences to be had on the Cape, that don’t necessarily involve the activities that pop right into your head. Here is our list of some things you may (or may not) consider the next time you’re free or on the Cape.



    Sights and sounds - Salt Pond

    Cape Cod flies under the radar as one of the best Kayaking Destinations in the United States. Float through tidal rivers, bays and estuaries, explore shallow sand shoals, peruse through the winding trails of the salt marshes, wander around islands and more. Take your family or a loved one and see parts of the Cape in a uniquely personal way that can only be achieved through Kayaking. To discover some of the best spots to Kayak, follow this link.




    For a great experience and a good way to burn off all the fried seafood, make it a goal to traverse one or all of the many bike trails across Cape Cod. We’ve discovered this useful site that lists in detail the many on and off-road trails scattered throughout the upper and lower Cape.




    For just $30, you could be catching your own seafood dinner. Steamer clams, quahogs, mussels, scallops, oysters, and more. Follow the tides and impress your family/friends by catching a meal the old fashioned way. Visit the Barnstable Association for Recreational Shellfishing Website for everything you need to know.


    Explore Cape Cod Museums


    Cape Cod has a deep, rich, and diverse history. From the time of the Wampanoags to the settlement of the Pilgrims, to radio communications during World War II, there’s some fascinating information to be discovered through the exploration of Cape Cod’s many museums. For an in-depth exploration of these museums, visit the Luxx Museum Trail.


    Sunset Cruise with the Hindu


    If you’ve never been on or even heard of the Hindu Schooner, there’s no better way to enjoy in a classic Cape Cod sailing experience (outside of owning your own boat, or subscribing to Freedom Boat Club of course). The Schooner Hindu has been sailing out of Provincetown, Massachusetts since 1946. They offer charter cruises in the Cape Cod Bay including day sails, sunset sails and private charters for parties, weddings, memorials or personal groups. Visit their Website to learn more and explore their summer schedule.


    May 18, 2015