• 3-D Design is a Sea Change for New Homes, Remodels and Additions

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    McPhee Associates
    We understand that every client has different living needs and custom home desires. Our job as a Cape Cod custom design-build company is to listen to the custom home objectives of our client and then work with you to develop a house plan that meets those custom home design objectives.


    By Rob McPhee

    Now when we meet with a client to discuss a new home construction, remodel or addition, we can share a virtual three-dimensional, precise depiction of their project. Software technology has changed the way we design, collaborate and communicate.

    This sea change gives us unprecedented flexibility in developing a project, while incorporating the client’s ideas and reactions at every stage. The software lets us visualize precisely every angle of the project, from its elevations to how a particular window will draw in the sun or maximize the view.

    As recently as five years ago, it was extremely difficult to explain to a client what the final structure would look like. Out of necessity, most items were based on assumptions. As a result, some or all of a project often had to be re-executed along the way, adding unnecessary time and money to the process.

    Creating a virtual home and walk through gives clients an exact picture of what is to be built, leaving little if any room for fuzziness and doubt.

    Of course, a client can get a general idea from a conventional floor plan, but they have justifiable trouble visualizing it. With 3D design, we find clients much more comfortable making decisions and rightfully considering them their own. It’s also easier showing clients why an idea won’t actually work. Better to address these issues early in the process rather than after time and money has been expended.

    We built a conference room with high definition screens so our clients can join us for a 3D tour of the project. We will sit around the table and walk them through the project, room by room. As a result, questions and requests arise that would probably not occur if we were staring at floor plans and blue prints. Since so many clients are second homeowners living elsewhere for much of the year, we also can share these 3D tours online from anywhere across the globe.

    Especially on Cape Cod, where a residence integrates into the environment, whether by the water or in proximity to marsh or green space, 3D helps us envision the unity of interior and exterior design.

    In some cases where the construction must undergo special scrutiny because of environmental and conservation issues, or an abutting neighbor, 3D visualizations can be shared to alleviate or eliminate any concerns.

    Maybe the most powerful benefit of 3D design is the bottom line. It consistently reduces the number of changes during construction, and that automatically saves time and money.

    This doesn’t have to be about a major construction element. Often, 3D resolves issues related to space and final amenities. Should the shower be bigger even if it will compromise the size of a master closet adjoining the bathroom? Will the kitchenette table fit properly by the bay windows without affecting traffic through the kitchen?

    Here is one recent project that benefited immeasurably from 3D design:

    May 12, 2014